Pixar's Coco Breaks Major Box Office Record in Mexico

Disney-Pixar's Coco is off to a record-breaking start at the box office and is already the highest grossing movie ever in Mexico.

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Pixar's Latino-led animated flick Coco has quickly become the highest grossing movie ever in Mexico. For the second time since the company began, Pixar has released two films in a single year. The summer of 2017 saw Cars 3 head to theaters to a generally positive reception, but one that begged the question: Why was this the priority over other sequels or even original ideas? The two-film slate for 2017 was the answer to this question, with Coco marking Pixar's return to what they do best - create new, original, family-friendly adventures full of humor and heart.

Coco has yet to hit theaters domestically, or in a majority of international markets for that matter. It did however debut a few weeks early in Mexico, giving the movie a head start in a market with its target audience. The early release date is not a common strategy, but one that is already paying dividends for Pixar.

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The Wrap reports Coco is performing incredibly well in Mexico early on and is now the territory's biggest film of all-time. The achievement comes in the 20th day of Coco's theatrical run. Coco earned 824 million pesos coming into today - the equivalent of $43.1M - and will pass the record previously held by The Avengers' 827M pesos after today's ticket sales are calculated.

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Anytime a movie can beat a record held by one of the biggest films of all-time, it is impressive, but the way Coco got to this achievement is even more so. Disney and Pixar did smartly push up the release to overlap with Mexico’s Día de los Muertos, which is the setting of the film's events, and it had a clear effect. Coco opened to over $9M three weeks back, but instead of featuring a typical drop in the second weekend, it wound up making nearly $11M.

With Coco already performing well in international markets and continuing to receive great reviews, it should only increase the interest in the movie worldwide. The Pixar brand already carries with it a ton of weight, so it's no surprise Mexico responded so favorably to it. What will be interesting to see is how well Coco stacks up with other Pixar films when it opens domestically next weekend. One of Pixar's more recent original movies, Inside Out, opened to over $90M domestically. Coco may not have as wide appeal as a movie about emotions, but hopefully the response around the world will be just as positive as it has been in Mexico.

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Source: The Wrap

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