Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

Pixar is a company that built its reputation on taking a form of filmmaking that was traditionally for children and then adding in mature subject matter and adult storytelling that elevated it into an art form that gave the kids the cute characters they loved and delivered stories to adults that were both sentimental and uplifting.

Through the years, fans have fallen in love with the toys from Toy Story, followed the adventures of The Incredibles, and cried tears when an older man set out to achieve the dream that passed him by in Up. In each of these movies, strongly developed characters carried the stories to unbelievable heights. Here is a look at what Pixar character you are closest to based on your MBTI.

10 ENFJ - Woody

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

The ENFJ trait in the MBTI list describes someone who is a Protagonist. When looking at the Toy Story franchise -- from the first movie with a young Andy loving his toys to the final film in the series that hit in 2019 -- it was Woody that was the leader of the toys, as they traveled from Andy's room to their new homes.

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Woody is charismatic and inspiring, someone who can get the other toys to rally around him and achieve their goals. When it comes to difficult moments, where even his most loyal lieutenants doubt him, Woody has the traits needed to lead his men to success, getting them out of trouble time and time again.

9 ISFP - Buzz Lightyear

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

While Woody was the leader of the group of toys in the Toy Story franchise, his right-hand man was Buzz Lightyear. Through the series, Buzz enjoyed a nice trajectory, starting as a toy who believed he was really a spaceman and then becoming a loyal -- and very protective -- friend to the other toys.

In the MBTI traits, Buzz Lightyear is solidly the ISFP, which is the Adventurer. Buzz is someone who is a loyal friend, but it takes a lot to get into his inner circle. However, he is also very charming once you get in, and he is always ready to explore and discover new and exciting things -- to infinity and beyond.

8 ISTP - Sulley

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

In the Monsters Inc. franchise, the story follows two old friends who went to Scare School together and then ended up as a pair of the top scare monsters in the business. Of the two, Sulley was the big scary monster than was born to carry out this job.

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On the MBTI trait scale, Sulley fits into the ISTP category -- the Craftsman. He is someone who takes his job seriously and creates some of the best scares to become the top man in the entire company. When it came time for changes, Sulley was also able to take on the new roles without missing a beat, a master of all tools.

7 ESFP - Mike Wazowski

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

Sully's partner in the Monsters Inc. franchise and the comedy portion of their duo is Mike Wazowski. While Sully was born to scare, Mike had to work hard at everything he did and sometimes struggled when trying to reach the level needed to be a legitimate scare monster.

Luckily, Mike found his calling when they learned that laughs brought more power than screams, and he was able to use his comedy to rise to the top of the food chain. In MBTI, Mike Wazowski is an ESFP, a true entertainer who is energetic, enthusiastic, and spontaneous. Nothing is boring when Mike is in the room.

6 ESTP - Lightning McQueen

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

Lightning McQueen might be in one of the most derided Pixar franchises, but there is no doubting the success of the Cars trilogy, no matter what critics might say about them. In Cars, Lightning is one of the best young race cars in the world. By the third movie, the best of the bunch, he is a veteran car passing on his lessons to younger stars.

When it comes to the MBTI, Lightning McQueen started as more of a selfish and arrogant personality, but by the time it ended, he was squarely an ESTP. He is smart and energetic and loves to live on the edge, a character that loves the spotlight and will do anything to succeed.

5 ENFP - Dory

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

In Finding Nemo, the movie was about a young clownfish that was lost and his father who set out to find him. Dory was a side character in that movie, teaming with Nemo's dad in his adventure. The sequel to the film ended up being all about Dory as she set out to learn who she really was and what her purpose was in life.

When it comes to the MBTI traits, Dory is an ENFP. While she suffered from amnesia and forgot everything, she remained open and was a true extrovert who loved to meet people -- over and over again. She is enthusiastic, creative, and always has a reason to smile, even if she needs to be reminded of what she is smiling about.

4 INTJ - Carl Fredricksen

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

Pixar took a lot of chances early on. They created a movie about a robot who did not speak, a film that offered long periods of silence. They then created a movie where the two lead characters were an old man and a cub scout. However, all it took was the opening scene of Carl as a child, meeting the woman he would marry, and then showing their lives until they were old and she died, for fans to fall in love with this story.

Carl Fredricksen was, on the outside, a grumpy old man. But inside he was still the young explorer that he always was, and he just wanted to achieve the dreams he and his beloved bride never accomplished. His MBTI is the INTJ or the Architect. He has a plan for everything and is a strategic thinker who was able to get his house rigged up to take him on his great journey.

3 ESFJ - Elastigirl

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

The first Incredibles movie was mostly about Mr. Incredible trying to live the life of a superhero, something that was taken away from him by the U.S. government. However, in the second movie, the story focused more on his wife, Elastigirl, and this was a good move. While the first movie was superior in most ways, Elastigirl is the more interesting characters and had a chance to shine in The Incredibles 2.

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As for her MBTI trait, Elastigirl is the ESFJ. While she is more of an introvert in her personal life, once the mask goes on, she is a hero through and through. She is the Consul, a person who is caring, social, and popular, always willing to help out, and protective of all that she loves.

2 INFP - Sadness

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

Arguably, the best Pixar movie of all time is Inside Out, a film that almost entirely takes place in the mind of a young girl who is going through significant changes that takes the happy girl and leads her to a new feeling of depression and loss.

The emotions of this little girl are brought to life with some great characters, but the two that lead the way are Joy and Sadness. As expected, these seem like polar opposites, but they are more alike than expected. When it comes to the MBTI of Sadness, she is an INFP, which makes her kind and always eager to help, even if her mode of helping seems a little off.

1 INFJ - Merida

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

One of the least appreciated Pixar movies is Brave, a film that takes the idea of a Disney Princess and stands it on its head. Instead of having the princess as someone that needs their own Prince Charming to save them, Merida in Brave was strong and needed no man to achieve her goals.

When it comes to the MBTI of Merida, she is an INFJ, someone who is also known as The Advocate. She is a strong warrior who is quiet in her own way and lives in a world of mystical energy. She is tireless and inspiring and will never stop until she achieves her dreams her own way.

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