Pitch Perfect: Hogwarts Houses Of The Barden Bellas

In Pitch Perfect, the Barden Bellas are all hard working and talented, but they wouldn't all sing in the same Hogwarts houses.

Pitch Perfect Trilogy Cast

Spawning two sequels and giving Anna Kendrick some serious radio play, Pitch Perfect’s Barden Bellas consisted of ten members. This eclectic group of ladies didn’t have much in common outside of their interest in music. The differences in personalities and interests would land them all in different Hogwarts houses if they decided to join the ranks of the Hogwarts School Frog Choir.

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10 Aubrey: Slytherin

Aubrey is a natural leader, which might make some fans want to sort her into Gryffindor. The Hogwarts sorting hat, however, places Aubrey in a house of tradition and ambition: Slytherin.

Aubrey has the same stubborn streak of a Gryffindor, but that tendency to want things her way or no way at all is a result of her sticking with what she knows. As the leader of the Barden Bellas in the first movie, Aubrey wants to hold fast to tradition instead of trying new things. She also won’t stop trying to find a way to get her Bellas to the top, even if that ultimately means she has to change her ways.

9 Cynthia Rose: Hufflepuff

Cynthia Rose Pitch Perfect Hufflepuff

Cynthia Rose is actually a pretty difficult sort. Like a Gryffindor, she’s willing to take big risks, but those risks end up providing her with a gambling addiction. She can also be aggressive, but ultimately, she just wants the connection of the Barden Bellas.

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Despite protesting some of the craziness of the group, Cynthia Rose is always willing to drop whatever she’s doing to help the group out. She puts her life on hold to return to the group without complaint, even when it involves having plans to get married. She lands in Hufflepuff.

8 Amy: Gryffindor

Amy In Pitch Perfect Gryffindor

Though she calls herself Fat Amy to stave off people making fun of her, Amy isn’t too sensitive to the way people treat her in the Pitch Perfect world. She’s the kind of person who rolls with the punches and stands up for herself in any situation. Amy is also willing to shake things up when no one else is. All of that lands her in Gryffindor.

Over the course of the trilogy, Amy puts herself out there for solos, to back Beca for a leadership role, and for love. Even when she’s unsure, Amy bravely crosses lines and takes chances. It doesn’t always work out for her, but she doesn’t let anything slow her down.

7 Stacie: Hufflepuff

Stacie In Pitch Perfect Hufflepuff

To be truthful, the audience doesn’t know much about Stacie beyond her penchant for short-lived relationships and her love for doing her nails. She provides for some entertaining exchanges in the movies, but she isn’t someone whose career path - or life outside of the Barden Bellas - we learn about. She is, however, devoted to the group. For that reason, the sorting hat places her in Hufflepuff.

Stacie spends a lot of time training to change her dance style with Chloe. She’s got the hard working part of being a Hufflepuff down. She is also the only member of the group we see become a mom by the time the third movie roles around. Stacie even names her daughter Bella after the ladies she spent so much time with in college.

6 Emily: Ravenclaw

Emily In Pitch Perfect Ravenclaw

Emily is the only member of the Barden Bellas to join as a freshman in Pitch Perfect 2. While it’s tempting to sort her can-do attitude and peacemaking instincts into Hufflepuff, she’s a Ravenclaw.

Emily is the one person we see most well versed in music theory. While Beca is able to use technology to manipulate sounds and stitch different songs together, Emily writes her own. In fact, she’s the only member of the Bellas (that we know of) who does. When the audience sees her again in Pitch Perfect 3, she’s even going to law school, a rigorous academic path we don’t see any of the other Bellas pursue.

5 Jessica And Ashley: Hufflepuff

Jessica And Ashley In Pitch Perfect 2 Hufflepuff

It would be hard to sort Jessica and Ashley separately since these two seem inseparable in the Pitch Perfect saga. Aubrey and the other women couldn’t even tell them apart at times. This duo finds their place in Hufflepuff.

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Though they aren’t the stars of the Barden Bellas, they provide the foundation for the group as the members creating most of the instrumental sounds. They work harder than anyone to make the soloists look good. The two of them are also almost never involved in the big arguments, instead waiting to see where the chips fall once a peaceful agreement has been reached.

4 Florencia: Gryffindor

Florencia In Pitch Perfect 2 Gryffindor

Though a lot of her time in the second and third installment makes Florencia come off as a caricature of a Latin immigrant, she’s a relatively easy sort. She would call no other house but Gryffindor home.

Florencia has been through a lot - as she constantly reminds her fellow Bellas. The sheer number of obstacles she’s walked through with a spring in her step shows she’s got a certain amount of bravery. Unlike the Hufflepuffs of the bunch, she has no problem wading into an argument or doing things her own way either.

3 Lilly: Ravenclaw

Lilly In Pitch Perfect Ravenclaw

Lilly is certainly the quietest of the Bellas. She only speaks when she feels she has something important to say, which means, if she’s talking, it’s probably a good idea to listen. Lilly thinks outside of the box to solve problems, making her a great fit for Ravenclaw.

Though her strange comments and her quiet presence made some of the Bellas nervous when they first met her, they quickly grew to love her. Lilly’s quirkiness would certainly fit in with the likes of Luna Lovegood at Hogwarts.

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2 Chloe: Hufflepuff

Chloe In Pitch Perfect 3 Hufflepuff

While Chloe is second in command of the Barden Bellas under both Aubrey and Beca, she isn’t the same kind of leader as a Gryffindor or Slytherin. Instead, her loyalty to the Bellas and her hard work to put on the best shows make her a Hufflepuff.

Initially, it’s Chloe who gets Beca to become a part of the Bellas, though she’s hesitant to argue with Aubrey about the merits of Beca joining them. She tries to stay out of the middle of fights, acting as a peacemaker as much as she can. Chloe loves being in the Bellas so much that she intentionally drops classes repeatedly to keep herself in university and in the group. That’s dedication.

1 Beca: Slytherin

Beca In Pitch Perfect Slytherin

Like Aubrey, Beca has some serious drive. Her leadership skills and willingness to take risks make her seem like a Gryffindor, but Slytherin just edges the other Hogwarts house out.

Beca’s ambition comes above all else. She does whatever it takes to make her dreams happen. If that’s giving herself a solo that was never planned in the middle of a performance, Beca will do it and deal with the consequences. She’s also willing to hide her dreams from her closest friends in order to make sure she gets to keep pursuing them. While Beca loves the Bellas, she puts herself first, something that she has to do in order to make it in the real world.

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