Pitch Perfect Stars May Be Teasing A Fourth Movie Is In The Works

Nothing has officially been announced, but the stars of the Pitch Perfect franchise have fans wondering if there's a fourth movie on the way. The three-film series, which began with the surprise hit original film in 2012, centers around the women of a college a capella group known as the Barden Bellas. Stars Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, and Brittany Snow all gained more recognition in Hollywood for these roles, and Rebel Wilson, who was previously unknown save for Bridesmaids, rose to prominence.

The movie had such a successful box office run and rabid fanbase that a second film was greenlit, this time with Elizabeth Banks at the helm. (The actress co-produced and appeared in the original.) The second installment steps a few years in the future, and Hailee Steinfeld became the new stand-out starlet. Before the film was even released in spring 2015, a third Pitch Perfect film was commissioned, which released in 2017. This seemingly closed out the character's arcs, allowing them to move beyond their college aspirations and into the real world.

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But now, there may be cause to suspect another installment is on its way. At a joint birthday party held for Camp and her husband, Skylar Astin (whom she met on the set of the first film), many of their Pitch Perfect co-stars were in attendance. Wilson shared an image on Twitter of herself, Camp, Snow, and Chrissie Fit, who appeared in Pitch Perfect 2 and 3 as Flo, all holding up one hand with four fingers up. Immediately, fans began to assume this meant another movie is on the way.

There's evidence to back this suspicion up. First, Wilson didn't just wordlessly post a pic. The night before, seemingly during the party. Wilson first shared a video clip, in which a similar photo of the four stars is revealed on a photobooth screen, as people offscreen yell excitedly. Additionally, Fit and Camp shared the video themselves. Fans also had their own reasons for believing the fourth flick is in progress. One major clue? Snow's hair is red in this photo. The actress is generally blonde, but when playing Chloe in Pitch Perfect, she dyes it auburn.

While this is all convincing evidence, box office performance tells a different story. The second and third films were not nearly as successful as the first, and critical reception was not as positive. What's more, the third film was billed as a final send-off. But star power can mean a lot when it comes to getting the green light, and when Screen Rant interviewed Anna Camp following the release of the third film in 2017, she expressed that she was "in total denial" about the series coming to an end and said that she hopes "it's not completely over.If that's how all of the cast members feel, there's a real possibility this speculation could become a reality.

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