'Pitch Perfect 3' Moving Forward With Series Writer Kay Cannon

Pitch Perfect 3 moving forward

When Pitch Perfect hit theaters in 2012, the film was among the year's biggest sleeper hits to the tune of $115 million worldwide against a $17 million production budget. Boosted by a breakout performance from Rebel Wilson and hit single "Cups (When I'm Gone)" performed by star Anna Kendrick, the movie - set in the world of singing competitions - had the kind of broad appeal that studios only dream of.

Naturally, Universal fast-tracked a sequel to the musical comedy, and Pitch Perfect 2 easily eclipsed its predecessor at the box office, earning more domestically in its first weekend than the original did in its entire theatrical run. We'd already heard that another film was in the cards (with Wilson reportedly attached), and now we have further confirmation that Pitch Perfect 3 is happening.

According to THR, Universal is actively working on a third film, with screenwriter Kay Cannon slated to return. Cannon - who has also worked on TV shows like New Girl and 30 Rock - previously wrote both Pitch Perfect films and would help lock in place a key part of the creative team behind the franchise. There's no word on if co-star Elizabeth Banks would return to direct (after calling the shots on Pitch Perfect 2) or which filmmaker might replace her.

Moreover, there's no confirmation on which members of the series' ensemble cast would return for a third film. Wilson is unconfirmed to be signed on, and reportedly she and Kendrick were not contracted for a third movie, meaning that bringing them back onboard could significantly drive up the budget of Pitch Perfect 3. Hailee Steinfeld - who joined the cast in the sequel - seems to be the only star lined up for another installment.

Pitch Perfect 2 box office

The proposed third film also runs into the narrative dilemma of how to incorporate fan-favorite characters and maintain the series' focus on the Barden Bellas, given that most of the original cast graduated in Pitch Perfect 2. Simply turning the films' attention to Steinfeld and a new group of singers would keep the budget low but could alienate fans hoping to see more of Kendrick, Wilson and company.

Since we don't know the approach Universal and Cannon have in mind for Pitch Perfect 3, it's difficult to speculate on what the future of the franchise will entail and which route it will take. However, at this point, hardly anyone would blink an eye if Universal were to announce that a Pitch Perfect shared universe is in the works.


Pitch Perfect 2 is now in theaters. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on Pitch Perfect 3 as this story develops.

Source: THR

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