'Pitch Perfect 3' Already in Development

Gone are the days when studios waited to see how a movie did at the box office before starting development on a sequel. Franchises are the worst offenders of this strategy, with Fifty Shades of Grey and Batman vs Superman both having multiple films in the wings before the first of the series even released in theaters.

But then there's also surprise hits like 2012's Pitch Perfect, which no one expected to make $113 million worldwide (against a $17 million budget) and become the second highest-grossing musical comedy film of all time. Of course, after its big haul and positive reviews, it wasn't shocking when Universal Pictures greenlit Pitch Perfect 2, due out next month. Nor is it that shocking that the studio has another sequel in the works, but this time ahead of schedule.

Amy Kaufman, a reporter for the LA Times, spoke with the series' star Rebel Wilson this weekend, and the actress confirmed that development has already started on Pitch Perfect 3. Discussions have even progressed enough that Wilson has also signed on to once again star in the third film of what is now officially a franchise.

News: Rebel Wilson just told me there will be a 3rd @PitchPerfect and she recently signed on to be in it! (She doesn't know abt Kendrick.)

— Amy Kaufman (@AmyKinLA) April 11, 2015

There's no word yet if the series' other star Anna Kendrick will join Wilson on the threequel, but there is at least one other actress who could return. When Hailee Steinfeld was added to the cast of Pitch Perfect 2, it was reportedly with the plan that she take over the franchise should the sequel do well at the box office. It's presumed that she will be back for a third film.

That brings us to another point, which is that Pitch Perfect 3 is only a given if the sequel is a success. For now the film is only in development, even though Wilson has already signed on, and will only get the green light if Universal decides to proceed.

Yet, a third film in the series seems like a good bet at this point, as trailers for the sequel have been met with positive buzz. Plus, there isn't really another female-led franchise quite like Pitch Perfect out there. (Even the sequel's director, Elizabeth Banks, is a woman.) It's also quirky, endearing and most of all fun, all good things to be when you're going into a summer filled with action blockbusters.

But what do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you ready for the Pitch Perfect sequel and possibly a third film? Let us know in the comments.

Pitch Perfect 2 arrives in theaters on May 15th, 2015.

Source: Amy Kaufman

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