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Over the last five years, the Pitch Perfect films has proven to be a fun new franchise for Universal to explore. Thanks to Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and many more lending their talents as actresses as well as singers/performers, the franchise has continued to bring untraditional musicals to the big screen. The a cappella sensation will be back again at the end of the year for Pitch Perfect 3, but in what direction remains to be seen.

The Bellas recently began rehearsals ahead of the start of production on the next film with a video showing off their choreography in full effect. Since then, newcomer Ruby Rose has been sharing videos from the set featuring her mysterious character and a rock n' roll band, while Wilson has been spotted impersonating Amy Winehouse, potentially as a street performer. With the reasoning behind much of the plot still a secret, one more casting addition will not make it any easier to uncover.

Variety is reporting that John Lithgow is the latest actor to join the project, but details around his character are being kept under wraps. Lithgow is fresh off a SAG win for his performance in The Crown, and is also in consideration to join Daddy's Home 2. With little information regarding any of the character's past or family being focused on in the film, Lithgow could slide in as a father figure to one of the now graduated Bellas.

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This is merely speculation however and Lithgow's role could go in a number of directions. If the former Bellas are going to get back into competition, they will have to answer to a new a cappella board or committee of some kind, and Lithgow is certainly capable of filling that void. That said, both Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are returning as a cappella enthusiasts Gail and John respectively, so their bizarre antics will not be missing.

Based on his recent run of success, the role that Lithgow will be playing must have attracted him for a specific reason. Hopefully, it is due to him having a large role in the film. It would be strange for Pitch Perfect 3 to convince him to sign on, only to have him in a small role, but this would not be the first time a franchise has cast a recognizable actor for a throw away role. It would be a surprise if that was the case here, so we can only hope that character details on Lithgow's role come out sooner rather than later.

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Pitch Perfect 3 is expected in theaters on December 22, 2017.

Source: Variety

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