Wrapping Pitch Perfect 3 Was 'Overwhelming' For Star Anna Camp

Coming fresh off a stint on Broadway, Anna Camp still haven’t faced the music that this could be the last Pitch Perfect film. Her character Aubrey Posen began as the antagonistic force that threatened the reputation of The Bellas in the first Pitch Perfect film back in 2012, but two sequels later she’s become more mellow although she hasn’t gotten rid of her vomiting reaction. Pitch Perfect 3 is the farewell tour for the Bellas, as they propose one last competition before wholeheartedly committing themselves to post collegiate life. The battle in this film appears to be vocals versus instrumentals.

When speaking to the jovial True Blood actress, Screen Rant captured her feelings about the experience of working on the three Pitch Perfect films, the sudden cancellation (and resurrection?) of Good Girls Revolt, and Rebel Wilson’s aca-mazing wrap gift!

SR: I have only seen the 3rd film. I didn’t see the other 2, but I loved it so much, that I’m going to go back and see the other 2.

Anna Camp: Oh my gosh.

SR: Yeah. What can you tell me about Aubrey’s journey, and how that’s wrapped up in Pitch Perfect 3.

Anna Camp: Well in the first movie, when you do see it, you’ll understand. Aubrey is really uptight, and really controlling, and competitive. And she really was, I don’t want to say a villain, but she is definitely what everyone was kind’ve fighting against in the first film. So, over the course of the other 2 films, she’s evolved, let her hair down, metaphorically and literally. And, it’s not competing against the other girls anymore. She’s definitely competing with them as a team, it’s just not as controlling. She’s into more modern music choices.It’s very funny, she’s definitely a throwback, and kind of a mean girl, but her heart’s in the right spot. She just wants to win. That’s all.

SR: Personally, yeah that’s how I am. I’m like, yeah, we can do this, but it’s a competition, I want everyone to be serious.

Anna Camp: [laughs] Definitely. Yeah. Yes. In the 3rd movie she’s less competitive than she was in the other 2.

SR: Wow. Well that’s saying something.

Anna Camp: You’ll see. You’ll see.

SR: In regards to another project of yours. There was a good amount of backlash to the cancellation of Good Girls Revolt. Were you surprised?

Anna Camp: I was really happy to see that everybody was so supportive. You know our show got cancelled, less than a month after it was released, which was crazy. And I’ve had so many people coming up to me saying they were loving the show, and I know we were all, as a cast, genuinely shocked when it got cancelled. So to see people coming out and just being so supportive and wanting it back has been such a true honor. I think, for all of us. To see what happened with the outcry. It’s a real meta experience and something that you really can’t write. Who knows what’s going to happen with it. I know that it’s not totally dead, thank goodness.

SR: Right.

Anna Camp: There are fans that really, really, want it back. So, I think everybody’s fingers are crossed.

SR: Yeah, because I hear that Sony is apparently gearing up to revive the series. Especially, with how relevant the issue is, now more than ever.

Anna Camp: Yeah. It’ll be wonderful. I think that it’s a conversation that needs to continue, and I think it will open many doors for people to keep having these extremely important, relevant conversations.

SR: I totally agree with you. And you know, I want to say Pitch Perfect 3, I love the sisterhood, and the strength, and you know, how funny it is. And I wanted to say that it actually does pass the Bechdel test. I don’t count the father discussions or anything like that. And to my enjoyment, it really reminded me of that movie Spice World. Do you think that’s an accurate assessment?

Anna Camp: That Pitch Perfect 3 reminded you of Spice World?

SR: Yes.

Anna Camp: I never saw that movie. So, I don’t-

The Spice Girls in Spice World

SR: What?

Anna Camp: I don’t know. I don’t know. [laughs] But if you liked Spice World, then I hope you like Pitch Perfect 3.

SR: I need you to see Spice World. Are you a Spice Girls fan?

Anna Camp: I mean, I listened to their songs, but to be honest, I was listening to Bob Dylan when I was in middle school. So, I don’t know if that’s the same.

SR: That’s actually awesome. That’s awesome and unique.

Anna Camp: Yes.

SR: So, the film is all about closing a chapter and moving into the next one which is full on adulthood. At what point in your life did you really feel like you moved into adulthood?

Anna Camp: To be honest, really recently.

SR: Is that when you got married?

Anna Camp: Yes. When I got married, and when we finally brought a house together. You know,  I’ve been renting for years, and we finally brought a home. And that’s when I feel like adulting really slaps you hard in the face. Because, there is always something going on with your house. You can’t call a landlord anymore. You are your own landlord. And it’s the plumbing, the pipes break, or something happens, you have to fix it. And you have to pay for it. So definitely, that was a little over a year ago. When I bought my first house that’s when I really felt like I was adulting hardcore.

SR: Aw. Well congratulations on that. Being a homeowner and your marriage.

Anna Camp: Thank you so much.

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SR: Hardcore adulting.

Anna Camp: I know. Hardcore adulting. I thought I had it bad with laundry, but---

SR: I definitely don’t want to get into a mortgage in California anytime soon.

Anna Camp: I know. My gosh, it’s so scary right now.

SR: Yeah it is. So, are you already yearning for a Pitch Perfect 4? You know, college reunion?

Anna Camp: Um, I feel like I am in total denial, but this is the last one. I mean, we’ve been making a movie together, we’ve become best friends, like every 2 years we get together and make a movie. So, it’s really surreal to not have something on the schedule. To not have that. So, I would definitely do it if they all called us back again, obviously. And, and I just think it’s still weird. It’s going to be surreal, on Tuesday night watching the premiere with everybody in the movie theater, thinking this could be the last one. Especially, the last couple of minutes of the credits, when they show footage of the last two films. It’s going to be very overwhelming. It’s been 6 years of my life, and I’ve met some amazing people. It’s a monumental time and a chapter. Hopefully, it’s not completely over.

SR: Right it’s just a new chapter.

Anna Camp: Exactly.

SR: And then my last question is, I frequently hear that the group is really close in real life. What’s the best offset experience you ladies have had?

Anna Camp: Oh my gosh, there’s been so many. Rebel actually, for her wrap gift for the 3rd movie, she got a villa in Mexico. And we all, for the people who could and whose schedules allowed it, we all went to Cabo and just had an amazing girls trip, where we, you know, drank margaritas, and ate food, and celebrated the wrapping of the movie. We had the best time. With Rebel we went swimming together. We did lots of handstands. She like dunked me in the pool. Um, and just like had a lot of laughs and bonded even more. So, I think that would be one of my top 4 or 5 trips I’ve ever taken in my life. So that’s definitely one of them. Cause I love everyone so much.

SR: Girls trips are so much fun.

Anna Camp: They are so much fun, definitely. I missed my husband, but it was a wonderful time.

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