Pitch Meeting 100th Episode Bonus: Pitch Meetings Pitch Meeting

Pitch Meetings Pitch Meeting

Screen Rant's Ryan George reveals how Screen Rant Pitch Meetings were born in a dramatic reenactment of the pitch meeting for Pitch Meetings. Kicking off in November 2017 with the reveal of the original pitch meeting for Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon's doomed superhero team-up movie Justice League, the twice-weekly comedy series takes a look at how the good, bad, and outright bizarre ideas for some of Hollywood's biggest movies were (probably) first pitched.

Believe it or not, both the producer guy and the screenwriter guy in the Pitch Meetings videos are actually played by the same person (you can't tell because one of them wears glasses - that's the magic of Hollywood). Ryan also writes the scripts, provides his own green screen, and is in charge of catering for the entire Pitch Meeting film crew (a.k.a. himself). But how was the idea for Pitch Meetings originally conceived and, well, pitched?

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In a special 100th Episode Bonus, we take a trip all the way back in time to 2017 (hence the ridiculous retro fashion) to see how the original "Pitch Meeting" pitch meeting went down, and how its rather unwieldy catchphrase was born. Unfortunately this video does not explain why the producer guy has a framed photo of himself in his office - that's a mystery to be solved another day.

We hope you enjoyed this look behind the curtain at the stunning technological wizardry that goes into making each new episode of Pitch Meetings, and we look forward to bringing you another 100 episodes of inside jokes, ever more bizarre and random catchphrases, blatant misinformation about how the film industry works, and uncomfortable usages of the word "tight."

Stay tuned to the Screen Rant YouTube channel for new Pitch Meeting episodes, which are usually released twice every week. Ryan also releases other comedy videos on his own YouTube channel and as one third of the comedy trio Moving Mind Studio.

If you enjoy Pitch Meetings and love movies, we also recommend checking out Screen Rant Documentaries like Stan Lee: The True Story Of The Marvel Comics Legend and The Crow: The True Story Of Hollywood's Most Cursed Movie. And, of course, you can always keep up with the latest movie and TV news right here on Screen Rant.

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