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Nowadays, Disney's original computer-animated movies and live-action remakes of its classic 2D animated films are the Mouse House's most lucrative in-studio film releases (so not including movies from its affiliates - Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm). Back in the 2000s, however, the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride-turned movie franchise was easily the company's biggest and most consistent moneymaker. For those reasons, it comes as little surprise that Disney is now reviving the swashbuckling property, with this year's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Dead Men Tell No Tales brings back both Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner from the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy, for an adventure that pits them (along with a couple of new, fresh-faced allies) against a new terrible, supernatural foe: Captain Salazar, played by Oscar-winner Javier Bardem. Salazar and his band of undead pirates have only just escaped from the Devil's Triangle when the film begins, but it seems they aren't the only undead creatures that reside in that mysterious place.

AMC Theatres has exclusively debuted fresh concept art from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, depicting what appears to be an undead group of sharks (including, the Hammerhead and Great White variety). There's no indication in AMC's post as to where these sharks are from, but it's a fair bet that they come from the same place (read: the Devil's Triangle) that left Salazar and his men into a similar unnatural-looking, decaying state.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 concept art - undead sharks

The Dead Men Tell No Tales Super Bowl LI trailer offers a glimpse at these undead sharks in the actual film, but otherwise doesn't provide any real context for where they come from or how they came to be, in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. The extent to which Salazar and his crew's presence affects the living things around them in the movie has yet to be revealed, so it's plausible these are just some unlucky sharks that happened to cross paths with Salazar on his rampage across the seven seas.

Salazar's goal in Dead Men Tell No Tales - kill every living pirates on the high seas - is pretty straightforward, though his reasoning for doing so and the backstory that led him here, have yet to be revealed. The film's directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (Marco Polo), drawing from a script by Jeff Nathanson (Tower Heist), will hopefully take the time to flesh out the villain's history, while also juggling plot threads that involve Jack Sparrow's search for a way to defeat Salazar, Will being the new Davy Jones and the personal quests of the movie's young heroes; Royal Navy sailor Henry (Brenton Thwaites) and astronomer Karina (Kara Scodelario). There should be a whole lot going on plot-wise in Dead Men Tell No Tales, in other words, but that's really just par for the course for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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Source: AMC Theatres

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