Pirates of the Caribbean 5 TV Spot: Will Reunites With His Son

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Will (Orlando Bloom)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will reunite Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Orlando Bloom in the fifth installment of Disney's hugely popular franchise. After a disappointing fourth movie, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has a lot of hopeful expectations riding on it. Early reactions to the movie, which screened at CinemaCon this past week, are favorable, with many saying that Dead Men Tell No Tales is a return to form.

Certainly we know from the plot outline that the movie has returned to its ghostly origins. A ferocious sailor named Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) is out to kill all pirates - especially Jack Sparrow (Depp) - after Jack wronged him. Salazar is undead, like Barbossa (Rush) once was, and he leads a ghost crew. Meanwhile, Will Turner (Bloom) is still serving time as Davy Jones, looking very much part of the sea. When Jack sets out to stop Salazar with Will's son, Henry, and an astonomer named Carina Smyth, Will and Henry are reunited. A new TV spot for Dead Men Tell No Tales has just been released and can be seen above.

It's only brief, but the shot of Will and Henry is the first time we've seen the pair together on screen, after the confirmation that Henry is Will's child. Fans of the franchise will remember that Will was serving ten years as Davy Jones, but returned to Elizabeth and their son at the end of At World's End, the third Pirates movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Will (Orlando Bloom)

Therefore, we should get an explanation as to why Will's returned to the depths of the ocean, abandoning his son in the process. It's also to be expected that part of the movie at least will focus on Henry and Will building some kind of relationship, and hopefully banding together to help Jack bring down Salazar and his crew.

The remainder of the footage in the TV spot has been seen in previous Dead Men Tell No Tales trailers and teasers, but it's always worth watching again, particularly Salazar's "Dead men tell no tales" line, which is chilling. The special effects for the movie have been highly praised already, and certainly what's been shown so far has been highly impressive. It seems as though the Pirates franchise has received a new lease of life with Dead Men Tell No Tales, and it'll be good to see these familiar characters back on the big screen in a proper Pirate adventure.

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