'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Casting Update; Begins Filming This Month

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Begins Filming in Two Weeks

It's been four years since we last saw Jack Sparrow - excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in action in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. That film was something of a one-off adventure for Jack, breaking free of the series' main plot and casting off many of the characters from the first three films. And while On Stranger Tides didn't necessarily prove to be the creative jump-start the franchise needed (Read our review), the film still managed to score big at the box office.

Thanks to the continued financial success of the franchise, Captain Jack will return in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, releasing in 2017. Jerry Bruckheimer will still produce, but now Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (Kon-Tiki) are directing from a script by Jeff Nathanson. And this film, unlike its predecessor, will supposedly return to the events explored in At World's End, specifically centering on Will Turner and his son.

Depp is back and Orlando Bloom may very well be joining him, last seen having been cursed to live out his days as Davy Jones. Also rumored to return is Geoffrey Rush as Hector Barbosa. Newcomers to the franchise will be Brenton Thwaites (The Giver) and Kaya Scodelario (The Maze Runner) as the film's young leads, with some rumors suggesting Thwaites is playing Turner's son. Oscar-winner Javier Bardem has signed on to play the film's villain.

Now Variety is reporting three more actors have joined the cast: Adam Brown (last seen as the dwarf, Ori in The Hobbit trilogy), Delroy Atkinson and Danny Kirrane (Automata). There's no word on just what sort of roles any of the three actors are playing, but considering there'll be a ship or two in need of a crew, it's a safe bet at least one - if not all three - will be living the pirate's life in Dead Men Tell No Tales.

And we may know even more details about Pirates 5 very soon. According to Bruckheimer, filming begins on Dead Man Tell No Tales around mid-February (two weeks from when he Tweeted the following):

Two weeks until we start shooting Pirates 5. Joachim Rønning just posted a great pic from the set in Australia.


That sure does look like a location from Pirates of the Caribbean, taking its cues from the theme park ride which inspired the series just as much as from previous films in the franchise. As previously reported, standing in for the Caribbean islands will be Queensland, Australia, thanks to the country offering a hefty incentive for Pirates 5 to film there.

Are you excited or hesitant about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? Has the Pirates franchise worn out its welcome or will you never tire of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow? Sound off in the comments below!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales opens in U.S. theaters on July 7th, 2017.

Source: Jerry Bruckheimer, Variety

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