'Piranha 3D' Sequel Is A Go

Piranha 3D 2 movie sequel

Dimension Films is so pleased with the critical and box office reception of this weekend's release, Piranha 3D, it has officially announced that a sequel to the killer fish pic is in the works.

Piranha 3D grossed over $10 million in the U.S. during its opening weekend, which is almost half of its (relatively) cheap $24 million production budget.  The film currently has a rating 81% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is - bizarrely - one of those rare mindless summer movies that both critics and general moviegoers seem to enjoy equally (see Screen Rant's Piranha 3D review for case in point).

A sequel to the schlocky horror movie would certainly not be a costly investment - the cast would once again be composed primarily of unknowns hired for their ability to play attractive fish bait.  The stars of the first Piranha - those whose characters were still alive by the end credits, that is - would not be too expensive to hire back on for an additional installment either.

Does Piranha 3D conclude on a note that alludes to a possible basis for a sequel?  It does, as a matter of fact - not that successful, low-budget horror movies that gave birth to a franchise in the past have always had that (appropriately, see Jaws for the proof).

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The question concerning a Piranha 3D followup is not whether it will be as "good" as the original, but whether it will have the same no-holds-barred approach.  Much praise has been heaped on the film because it is so unabashedly exploitive and grotesque - not to mention unapologetically campy.

Director Alexandre Aja set the bar pretty high for how over the top a movie can be in terms of graphic violence and nudity and whoever helms the Piranha sequel - be it him or someone else - will be hard pressed to top the act.  Can the task be done?  Color me doubtful for now.

Expect the Piranha 3D Sequel to begin production quickly and possibly even arrive in theaters by this time in 2011.

Source: Dimension Films

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