SR Pick [Video]: 'Piranha 3D' Cast Ask For Oscar Recognition

Piranha 3D Academy Award Oscar comedy video

Piranha 3D attacks theaters in the U.S. this Friday and hopes to at long-last become the pic that replaces Citizen Kane atop the American Film Institute's list of the Greatest U.S. Movies ever made - moviegoers certainly aren't expecting anything less, right? ;-)

The minds over at Funny or Die have concocted a new video that revolves around the stars of Piranha 3D, as they appeal to members of the Academy to nominate the monster/horror flick for Best Picture this year.  After all - as one of them points out - it is not as though Inception can fill all 10 nomination slots.

My personal favorite bits from this sketch include the joke about Elisabeth Shue getting a makeup Oscar for her Leaving Las Vegas performance, and the fact that Jerry O'Connell is actually willing to admit that he starred in Kangaroo Jack.  That was surely not easy for him to confess out loud.

I am only disappointed that Christopher Lloyd does not appear at any point in this video.  If there is one man who can legitimately convince moviegoers that Piranha 3D is pure Oscar gold, it's the man who turned a Delorean into a time travel machine, right?

Watch the video below (NOTE: There is no foul language, but a few of the jokes should be considered NSFW):

Early word on Piranha 3D is that the film contains some extremely grotesque deaths and is definitely not for moviegoers with weak stomachs.  Whether the pic will actually be entertainingly trashy or just bloody and stupid remains to be seen.

Piranha 3D arrives in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on August 20th, 2010.

Source: Funny or Die

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