Pierce Brosnan Returns To Television With An Untitled New Series

Pierce Brosnan to produce & star in new untitled television series

Pierce Brosnan will produce and star in a new untitled television drama series from ER writer Jack Orman and Sony Pictures Television. The show, which centers on an investigator who specializes in international crisis intervention will mark Brosnan’s first stint as a regular on a series since the cancellation of Remington Steele almost twenty five years ago.

The potential series is based on the real-life work of international private investigator Logan Clarke, who is the head of the Los Angeles-based Clarke International Investigations. According to Deadline:

“The untitled drama centers on a "fixer," private investigator specializing in international crisis intervention who is called in to help solve homicides, abductions, financial schemes and other crimes anywhere in the world.”

The project gained momentum when producer Keri Selig first took Orman’s pilot script to Brosnan’s Irish DreamTime, the production company that he runs alongside Beau St. Clair. The show is expected to go straight to series, with Sony currently trying to catch the attention of international broadcasters in an attempt to drum up pre-sales before taking it to U.S. networks. While Brosnan will have a key role in the series, he’s not expected to play the lead, presumably to leave room in his schedule for any film roles that come his way, much like Hugh Jackman's involvement on the ill-fated Viva Laughlin.

pierce brosnan in remington steele

Brosnan has had a varied carrier since hanging up his Walther PPK (or P99 if you want to be picky) following Die Another Day in 2002. The last year or so has seen the former 007 star opposite Robert Pattinson in the drama Remember Me, act in Chris Columbus’ fantasy Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and take a pivotal role in Roman Polanski’s political thriller The Ghost Writer, a movie which has gained the Irish actor some Oscar buzz. He’s also got a few other films in the way including Walter Hill’s St Vincent and Bonded, alongside his son Sean.

While details on the project are currently quite vague, on the surface it appears that the show will feature some of the more glamorous elements associated with Brosnan’s on-screen persona. Since starring in the comedy-detective series Remington Steele, Brosnan has long been seen as one of the heirs to title of “The New Cary Grant” and it’s probably safe to assume that this new role will be another suave character that can sit alongside Steele, James Bond and Thomas Crown on Brosnan’s resume.

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Source: Deadline

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