Brosnan On 'Thomas Crown Affair 2': It's Now Or Never

He has been talking up the sequel for a decade since the original film's release - but now Pierce Brosnan says that if The Topkapi Affair doesn't go into production this year then we won't get to see Thomas Crown again on the big screen.

Speaking to Moviehole Brosnan said:

''We are full steam ahead. If we do not have it by this year, then we shall just say we gave a best effort. But Mary Parent is a magnificent supporter of the piece. Mr. Paul Verhoeven is still with us as a director and we have great executives over there at MGM now, who are passionate to make this film. So, we have a fabulous writer."

Normally I'm quite skeptical when a sequel takes this long to develop, but I feel that the previous Thomas Crown remake has enough charm and Brosnan still has enough charisma for this to work. Add to this the fact that Paul Verhoeven is still locked to direct, then this becomes a must see movie. On his official site Brosnan states that he intends to shoot "Thomas Crown 2" in the fall so it looks like they have a bit of time to get this right. If they get it right!

The Topkapi Affair will be a loose remake of 1960's caper film Topkapi that starred Peter Ustinov.

Last year the former James Bond told Moviehole:

"(Topkapi) is much loved by people who love that genre of film, and it has a sentimental resonance to it. So we just took Thomas Crown off the shelf, kind of dusted it off, and took Topkapi, which is much loved, and is also in the cannon of the MGM library, so it didn't cost us anything. This version of Topkapi will have a different part, different woman, and different affair... and we're using wonderful locations."

Brosnan is currently getting rave reviews at Sundance for his turn in the drama The Greatest co-starring Susan Sarandon.

Fingers crossed that this one makes it before the cameras - I don't think that we'll be dissapointed.

Source: Moviehole

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