Six New Photos from James Cameron's Avatar

Avatar has finally joined in the fun of movie marketing, making a big splash recently with the announcement of "Avatar Day" during their presentation and panel at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

More recently, we found out the the trailer would be debuting online at the end of this week. Then we found it out would be a day early... that means today!

So, in preparation for this big event, we have six brand new images for James Cameron's little sci-fi project courtesy of Collider that show the key cast members of the film and the cool-looking air vehicles featured in the movie. Check them out after the jump

A week ago, we reported on a brand new image for Avatar that featured its star, Sam Worthington with his Avatar. Adding to that collection are the following six images:

Some of the human military vehicles we'll be seeing

The little ones are Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson's (the basic small transports) and Scorpion Gunships (the little ones loaded up with weapons) and the larger one on the right is a Dragon gunship. These vehicles are property of SecFor, the private contractors who work for and protect the interests of Resources Development Alliance (RDA) on Pandora.

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