Photo of Ray Stevenson As The Punisher

My first feelings of The Punisher: War Zone (aka, The Punisher 2), especially without Tom Jane as the man, were lukewarm at best. Then I heard the lame-sounding script got a rehaul, director Lexi Alexander sounded like she had some great ideas, and the casting of Ray Stevenson made me think, okay, this might be fun.

Well, judging by the first photo of Stevenson, I'm not sure what to think. This isn't a good "first look" photo, because you can barely see him. To me, he looks kind of like Steven Seagal (gag!). But I don't want to overanalyze this picture. See a bigger version after the jump. (BTW, we've tweaked the image to make it clearer and looking less like it's being seen through deep, red filter.)

UPDATE: Check out an interview with Lexi Alexander at MoviesOnline.

See a larger version at Superhero Hype! Thanks to Advanced Dark!

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