What Happened To Phoebe After Friends Ended

Lisa Kudrow portrayed the eccentric Phoebe Buffay in all 10 seasons of Friends. But what happened to the character after the series ended?

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe in Friends

What happened to Phoebe Buffay after Friends ended? Lisa Kudrow portrayed the character Phoebe throughout all 10 seasons of the beloved sitcom. Unlike Matt LeBlanc, the actress did not continue with her character in a spinoff, so viewers often wondered what the future held for Phoebe.

Phoebe was the eccentric one of the group due to her free-spirited lifestyle and the oddball stories she often shared with her friends. She worked as a masseuse and also played guitar in Central Perk. Her most memorable song throughout the series was the hilarious tune, "Smelly Cat." Phoebe was once married to a gay Canadian ice dancer but they later got divorced. Her family situation was a bit of a mess but she reconnected with her half-brother and eventually agreed to serve as a surrogate so he and his wife could have children.

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Towards the end of the Friends, Phoebe found herself in a love triangle with David (Hank Azaria) and Mike (Paul Rudd). Before David was about to propose in Barbados, Mike interrupted to win Phoebe back. Mike and Phoebe became engaged but the wedding planning was a disaster. Phoebe couldn't decide what kind of wedding she wanted but after a historic blizzard, she and Mike decided to get married outside of Central Perk in the snow. Not much was known about Phoebe after the events of Friends but the Joey spinoff did give viewers one big clue.


In the 2004 Joey pilot episode, Joey Tribbiani (LeBlanc) moved to Los Angeles to pursue a serious acting career. With the help of his sister Gina, Joey was able to find an apartment. At one point in the episode, Joey mentioned that he left New York City because all of his friends were getting married and having kids. Considering Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courtney Cox), and Chandler (Matthew Perry) already had kids, it seemed like Joey implied that Phoebe and Mike were having a child.

Phoebe and Mike considered the idea of starting a family of their own so it would make sense for that to occur after season 10 ended when everyone seemingly settled down. It would also be nice to think that Phoebe's child could grow up alongside Monica and Chandler's twins as well as Ross and Rachel's daughter.

The fate of Phoebe might not have been as conclusive as viewers may have wanted but it's something. It's not as telling as with her twin sister, Ursula Buffay. The character who first appeared in Mad About You before Kudrow was cast in Friends received a more elaborate future. Ursula bounced back and forth between the two sitcoms, but when Mad About You ended in 1999, the series finale jumped 22 years into the future. In the year 2021, Ursula became the Governor of New York after her successful porn career. We have a feeling that Phoebe's future would be a bit different.

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