Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Trailer: Here There Be Mysteries

A new trailer has arrived for Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, Amazon's upcoming sci-fi anthology based on several of the titular author's short stories. The star-studded series will explore what it means to be human across 10 standalone episodes inspired by Dick's work, following his well-established legacy of page-to-screen adaptations. Previously released movies based on Dick's work include Blade RunnerTotal Recall,  Minority ReportThe Adjustment Bureauand A Scanner Darkly.

Similar in vein to Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, Electric Dreams will feature a different writer, director, and cast amid a variety of different narratives, primarily from stories Dick that were published throughout the mid '50s. Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel, The Departed), Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine), Steve Buscemi (The Big Lebowski), Janelle Monaé (Moonlight, Hidden Figures), Terrence Howard (Empire), and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) — who also serves as an executive producer — are just some of the many actors set to appear. The Revenant's Michael Diner and Star Trek alum Ronald D. Moore are executive producing alongside Cranston.

Amazon unveiled the first trailer for the series in late August, though that video seems to have since been deleted. Now, the streaming hub has returned with a second and official clip, as well as a brand new poster you can check out below:

This one teases a variety of stories, including the Buscemi-led "Crazy Diamond," about an average man who finds himself entangled in a life-changing illegal plan after meeting a beautiful synthetic woman; the Monaé-featuring "Autofac," which centers around a post-apocalyptic struggle between humankind and insurgent robots; and, of course, the Cranston-fronted "Human Is," about a woman who finds that, upon his return from battle, her once-emotionally abusive husband is now a newly changed man.

Electric Dreams, however, seems to end with a hopeful resolve. Toward the end of the trailer, "the future is still human," flashes across the screen as uplifting music plays on, contrasting with the usually dark, dystopian messages flaunted by similarly-themed efforts like Black Mirror or HBO's Westworld.

Given that the market is currently quite saturated with sci-fi projects, it remains to be seen whether or not Electric Dreams will be able to draw in a sizable audience, especially as competitors like Hulu and Netflix continue to roll out their own originals. But thus far, it looks and sounds like an expansive, cinematic, and thought-provoking endeavor that, at the very least, is worth giving a shot.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams is slated to debut on Amazon in 2018, though no official launch date has been announced.

Source: Amazon Video

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