Phil Lord & Chris Miller Sell Comedy Pilot Script to ABC


Fired young Han Solo movie directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have their next project lined up - a comedy TV show pilot now set up at ABC. Lord and Miller have no doubt had a tumultuous past three months, following their dismissal by Lucasfilm from the Star Wars anthology movie that chronicles the early days of the Han Solo character (Alden Ehrenreich) first made famous by Harrison Ford in 1977.

While the duo has kept quiet about what went wrong behind the scenes of the Han Solo movie, there's been just as much mystery surrounding what project Lord and Miller would tackle next. There have been rumblings about the filmmakers returning to The Flash DC Extended Universe movie as directors (having previously been involved as co-writers), but now Lord and Miller are moving forward with another venture altogether.

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The Wrap reports that Lord and Miller have sold a pilot script to ABC for the sitcom We Can Do Better - which will be produced by 20th Century Fox TV, should the project move forward. According to the production house, the series is about a soccer mom who “deals with her newly ‘Woke’ life in the south as a parent, wife, American citizen, and daughter of hardcore conservative parents.”

The apparent key to the deal between ABC, and Lord and Miller, is that it comes with a "significant" penalty. That, according to The Wrap, means that Lord and Miller "will still get a few hundred grand" if ABC doesn't move forward with the series.


Such a deal shouldn't come as a big surprise for those familiar with the television industry, since Lord and Miller have a good amount of clout in the entertainment business thanks to the blockbuster successes of The LEGO Movie and the 21 Jump Street films, which they co-directed. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Lord and Miller have a lot of experience in executive producing such hit sitcoms as CBS' How I Met Your Mother and FOX's Last Man on Earth.

Should We Can Do Better make it to series, it will be interesting to see how the duo handles questions about their prior project with Disney, which of course owns ABC in addition to Lucasfilm. The saving grace is, TV shows, like films, can take quite a bit of time to develop, so in all likelihood the Ron Howard-directed Han Solo will be long in the rear-view mirror by the time We Can Do Better ever premieres.


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Source: The Wrap

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