Peyton Reed on Fantastic Four Failure & 'Very Different' Ant-Man Sequel

Fantastic Four and Ant-Man

Ant-Man wasn't the first time director Peyton Reed worked with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. Many years earlier, Reed was attached to direct a Fantastic Four movie that never came to be. They regrouped many years later when Reed pitched and was on the shortlist of potential directors to helm Guardians of the Galaxy and of course, came back in to helm Ant-Man.

While the size-shifting Avenger may be Reed's personal favorite hero since he was young, the Fantastic Four characters have always been important to him. In the next few months, Reed will be working on helping craft an outline for the Ant-Man sequel, appropriately titled Ant-Man and the Wasp, but he'd love to eventually take a stab at adapting Fantastic Four in a better way - should the opportunity ever arise.

Here's what Reed had to say about the FF movies - the Tim Story movies from the mid-2000s and this year's miserable Josh Trank/Simon Kinberg version - when chatting with Yahoo! Movies about the in-home release of Ant-Man:

“Fantastic Four in the comics was always the pinnacle of Marvel, the crown jewel — they were the first family of Marvel Comic. The two existing versions did massive pendulum swings from each other. One was very pitched toward younger kids and very broad, and the second was a much darker version of it. I just personally feel like they have not gotten the tone right. And man, it’s a bummer. I think the tone has got to be one of optimism, and you’ve got to take it seriously.

“I think they haven’t really gotten Mr. Fantastic’s powers right visually on screen. I think there’s some really badass ways to make that [character] work. I just know there’s a great Fantastic Four movie to be had. I’m convinced that it can work."

Ant-Man Microverse Photo - Fire Ant

If there's any chance Marvel Studios can be a part of re-rebooting Fantastic Four by working with Twentieth Century Fox - who they are partnering with already on a pair of recently announced X-Men live-action TV shows - Peyton Reed would likely be a contender, should he not be busy working on more Ant-Man stories. It's not quite official yet, but Reed's about to finalize his deal with Marvel Studios to return for the recently announced 2018 Ant-Man and the Wasp. Speaking with USA Today, Reed shares his excitement about the success of the first film and being able to return and craft the sequel - from the start instead of taking over from someone else.

"I’m doubly excited. We’re going to do some very, very different things in the next movie and we’ve set up stuff in the first movie that we can have a lot of fun with in the second movie and go both bigger and smaller at the same time."

When teased about the idea of showcasing Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) shifting gear, so to speak, and becoming Giant Man - and including a teaser shot of just his feet in frame - Reed laughed and continued, "there’s like 50 years of source material to choose from, so we’re being smart about what we’re going to do with the movie. But there’s some very weird stuff in store for these characters."

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