Peter Sarsgaard is Green Lantern's Villain

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With the live action introduction to the Green Lantern greenlit and ten weeks left to shoot, Martin Campbell is now on the process of putting together his cast that will support star Ryan Reynolds' title character.

A few days ago we found out the Blake Lively has been cast to play Green Lantern's leading lady opposite Reynolds and now comes word from THR's Heat Vision blog that Peter Sarsgaard (Garden State, Knight & Day) is in talks to play the character of Dr. Hector Hammond, a villain in the movie.

I won't spoil Hammond's history and first confrontation with Green Lantern but I will tell you that in the books, he ends up gaining powers from a meteorite that makes him immortal and grants him psionic powers. If Hammond is not the main villain of the first Green Lantern, I could see them simply setting up his character here for the sequel and Sinestro will instead be the feature/main villain of the movie. Or, it's vice versa and Sinestro - the most important of Green Lantern villains - will be set up here for the sequel.

The report describes his character as "the pathologist son of a senator who is seen as a disappointment in his father's eyes."

In response to the last casting announcement, many thought Blake Lively wasn't well selected as the character of Carol Ferris with one main reason being that her age is significantly younger relative to the casting call age range. Her character runs the aerospace company that hires Reynolds' Hal Hordan as a test pilot and the two have a budding romance.

Sarsgaard on the other hand I think is a much better selection and I expect that fans will tend to agree. Hammond has no crazy cool or crazy strange alias, so you can just call him Hammond.

If you're familiar with the books, do you think Sarsgaard is a good choice for the bad doctor?

Director Martin Campbell and his award-winning crew get to work in March on Green Lantern and is scheduled to open June 17, 2011.

Source: THR

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