Harry Potter: Everything You Need to Know About Peter Pettigrew

Every fantasy series has a groveling worm of a character. When watching or reading, its the character that all fans love to hate. For Lord of the Rings it's Grimma Wormtounge, for Star Wars it's General Hux. These power-hungry weaklings give the bad guys a worse name than some of the more evil characters.

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In Harry Potter, no sniveling character is despised more than Petter Pettigrew, aka Wormtail. This traitorous coward made life a living hell for the people he was supposed to care for most. There is a lot to learn though about this crony of Lord Voldemort.

10 His Name Meaning

The name Peter is biblical in nature, referring to the apostle of the same name. This connection makes a lot of sense in regards to Pettigrew. On the morning of Christ's crucifixion, Peter denied him. Although he later repented, he still turned his back on his savior, like Peter Pettigrew's actions of turning his back to the side of light.

Peter isn't his only name though. Wormtail obviously refers to his rat form as an Animagus. His name given as a rat by the Weasley family, Scabbers, most likely refers to his disheveled and rotting appearance, similar to a literal scab.

9 The Inspiration Behind His And Harry's Relationship


Wormtail has a fascinating relationship with Harry Potter. Apart from the personal connection, being friends with both harry's Parents and his godfather, Wormtail also owes a debt to Harry. When they first find him, Harry saves Wormtail from being executed by Remus and Sirius. This creates a life debt that is resolved by his death in book seven.

The relationship mirrors that of the parable of the Lion and the Mouse too, Harry being the Lion (Gryfindor) and Peter being the mouse. This Aesop fable tells the story of a Lion sparing a Mouse, only to have the debt repaid later on in life.

8 Peter Has A Shockingly High Pain Tolerance


When looking back on the like of Peter Pettigrew, he endured a lot of physical pain. Throughout his life, he harmed himself constantly. Beyond how uncomfortable the long term affects must be of remaining in the form of a rat, but Peter amputated multiple limbs during his life.

When he faked his death, Peter sliced off one of his fingers, leaving something to show his death. Later on, when bringing Voldemort back from the dead, Peter cut off his own hand. How this guy keeps slicing off pieces of his body and moving on is unreal.

7 He Was Almost In Slytherin


As stated, Peter was a boyhood friend of the other Marauders: James, Sirius, and Lupin. They all went to Hogwarts together in the same house: Gryffindor. But, like many uncertain pupils, the Sorting Hat could see right through Peter.

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Upon his first year, the Sorting Hat couldn't decide whether to place him in Slytherin or Gryffindor. This creates a shocking parable to Harry, who also ran into the same issue. Possibly, the Sorting Hat wanted to avoid Peter acting on his worst instincts, and place him in Gryffindor. Sadly, it didn't do the job.

6 He Was A Member of the Order of the Phoenix

We have to remember, Peter was considered one of the good guys for a long time. He was an established member of the Marauders and a devoted Griffyindor. He had friends throughout the House and made connections with teachers as well. Beyond his time at Hogwarts, Peter then joined the Order of the Phoneix during the first wizarding war.

Sadly, it was a huge mistake to let him in. Peter took the chance as a member of the ORder to slip information to the Death Eaters and Voldemort, sealing his fate as a turncoat. Peter eventually fully turned to the dark side later on.

5 He Was Awarded A Posthumous Order of Merlin


As Secret Keeper, he knew the location of Lily and James the night they died. After revealing the location to Voldemort and sealing their fate, he was confronted by Sirius Black and faked his own death. Sirius was arrested, and Peter went into hiding.

Later on, he was awarded the Postumus honor of being in the Order of Merlin. This distinguished recognition is given to a rare class of wizards who offer something beneficial to the wizarding world. It is a shame it was wasted on such slime as Wormtail.

4 Peter Spent Twelve Years In His Rat Form


After he faked his death, peter remained in the form of a rat for twelve long years. Beyond the horrors he must have endured as a wild Rat, it is a fairly fitting punishment for someone so awful. Eventually, being the dependent loser he is, Peter decided it would be much easier to live life as a pet. By doing so, he somehow found his way in the care of the Weasleys.

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He first was the pet rat of Ron's brother Percy Weasley. Eventually, like most things in the Weasley household, he became a hand-me-down, landing in the mitts of Ron himself.

3 Peter Found Voldemort In Albania


After being exposed in The Prisoner of Azkaban, Peter went on the run again. But where was he to go? He couldn't go in with a Wizarding family in Britain, or else he would end up at Hogwarts. So, Peter escaped to the continent, traversing to find his master. Eventually, he did just that.

Apparently, Voldemenort's spirit hid away in the forests of Albania, feasting off and possessing the bodies of creatures in the woods. Peter eventually was attracted to this presence and brought the Dark Lord slowly back from the edge of oblivion.

2 Peter Killed Bertha Jorkins

While Peter often leaves the dirty work to more powerful wizards, he is not beyond murder. What movie fans might not realize is he is responsible for multiple deaths in The Goblet of Fire. Beyond the death of Cedric, Peter murdered the Ministry Witch Bertha Jorkins.

Bertha, who was on holiday in Albania, came across the once believed dead wizard. He enticed her to follow him into the woods (most likely using one of the three unforgivable curses) and murdered her.

1 His Mother Might Still Be Around


Even the hardcore fans might have missed this one. Peter Pettigrew's mother, who is only briefly mentioned, might still be running around in the Wizarding World. When Peter was awarded the Order of Merlin, it was accepted on his behalf by his mother. That is the only mention of the woman, and for all we know she might be deceased. But, it has yet to be confirmed by Rowling. Imagine what she must have thought if she learned the true fate of her son. It would be interesting to see her and Harry meet down the road.

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