Peter Parker & Friends Party in New Spider-Man: Homecoming Clip

The latest clip from Spider-Man: Homecoming takes Peter Parker to a high school party with a plan to increase his popularity. Even though filmgoers have already experienced five Spider-Man solo films before, none will be quite like what Marvel Studios and Sony have planned. Not only does this mark the first time Spidey can exist in a world with other Marvel superheroes, but by casting Tom Holland in the lead, the goal is to keep Peter young for a while and really show the difficult balancing act it takes to be a superhero and a high school student.

The marketing has so far not held back on showing off Peter's heroics, and has sprinkled in bits of his everyday life as well. Just by looking at the cast of the film, it is easy to see the emphasis put on his regular, non-superhero life - especially at school. But, Peter is just a kid after all and that means socializing and plotting to use his abilities to climb up the ranks with his classmates.

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Sony (via ComicBook) recently debuted a new clip from Spider-Man: Homecoming that centers on Peter and his best friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) attending a party. However, they are hoping this will not be their prototypical high school party experience and have plotted for a special appearance from Parker's alter ego.

Albeit brief, the clip further illustrates the chemistry between Holland and Batalon - who continues to look like a potential scene stealer. While the clip ends before we can see if their plan works or not, it makes perfect sense for an otherwise unpopular duo to use Spider-Man's popularity to make them cool by association. Maybe it won't work at all and the plan will be doomed from the start, but could also make for a fun gag in the movie.

The clip also features another look at the mysterious Michelle (Zendaya), but alas does not help solve any of the reported rumors surrounding her possible "real" identity. It also features a quick look at Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), who has otherwise been rather absent from the marketing. He is not going to be the prototypical bully fans of the comics may be accustomed to, but instead appears to be rich kid that pokes fun at Peter for his collecting of what some would consider garbage. That said, Flash is apparently an aspiring DJ, so maybe he'll graduate from house parties to school dances by the end of the film.

Even though they are not shown in this scene, it is plausible that Liz Allan (Laura Harrier) and Betty Brant (Angourie Rice) are present as well. Plus, this could be another opportunity for other young cast members Isabella Amara, J.J. Totah, Tiffany Espensen, Abraham Attah, and Michael Barbieri to get small amounts of screen time. If not here, there will be other school related functions where they may pop up.

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Source: Sony [via ComicBook]

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