Eight New Clips from Pan Reveal Character Origins

The upcoming Peter Pan origin story Pan was directed by Joe Wright (Atonement) and features a young Peter (Levi Miller) newly arrived in Neverland, where he experiences his first adventure and discovers the destiny that awaits him there. He soon allies with Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) as well as Hook (Garrett Hedlund) – before he ever lost a hand or became a pirate – to fight the villainous Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman).

Showcasing bright colors and visuals, this retelling of a classic story aims to show the characters we know so well in a new light, deepening the relationships that preceded their famous animosity. We can now reveal more plot details as new footage arrives online ahead of the film's October release date.

Eight new clips from Pan have been released (via CBM), featuring all of the main characters in key moments. In the first clip we learn that Peter has only just learned how to fly and is more comfortable thinking on his feet to get them out of perilous situations, in a scene that seems destined to be adapted into a theme park ride. This clip also features Adeel Akhtar as Mr. Smee. The second clip has a bit more foreshadowing, giving us a flash of that symbolic hook as well as the tick-tick-ticking of a clock.

The third and fourth clip both feature Jackman's Blackbeard. In the former he seems to be the leader of Lost Boys and refers to Neverland as home, while in the latter he is fighting Mara's Tiger Lily as they do battle across floating ships. Another scene showcases the burgeoning friendship between Peter and Hook, and Hook gives the boy a pep talk that hints at Peter's larger destiny. That same destiny is explained a bit more in the next sumptuously colorful scene as Tiger Lily's tribe puts Hook in hand to hand combat - until they see that Peter is wearing a pan flute necklace.

The final two clips show Peter in his old life at the orphanage, and then we are back in Neverland, where Blackbeard relates a fateful prophecy that everyone seems to believe Peter fulfills. This 'chosen one' element is certainly not a groundbreaking character arc, but having Peter set out on his own hero's journey could still prove entertaining - if slightly predictable.

All of the clips emphasize the family-friendly and somewhat campy nature of the film, and Wright's use of costume and color set it apart. Based on the videos above this seems like it has the potential to be a strong entry in the history of Peter Pan film adaptations, but will it be enough to entice large audiences into theaters next month?

Pan opens in U.S. theaters on October 9th, 2015.

Source: CBM

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