'Pan' Snags Director of Animated 'Deathly Hallows' Sequence

Pan movie Deathly Hallows director

Peter Pan is (sort of) returning to theaters in the form of a macabre thriller called Pan, which was originally set up as a directing vehicle for the ever-busy Guillermo del Toro (no connection to his Pan's Labyrinth, sorry to say).

Social Capital Films and Energy Entertainment have acquired Ben Magid's Pan screenplay and now have a director for the project in the form of Swiss filmmaker, Ben Hilbon.

Variety broke the story about Hilbon being brought onboard for Pan, which re-envisions J.M. Barrie's literary classic about the boy who never grew up as a fantastical detective story - one in which the Captain Hook character is the protagonist and Peter himself is a vicious kidnapper. Pan will certainly present a different perspective on a much-beloved fictional character, though we doubt it'll be quite as mind-bending as Disney's Snow and the Seven, in which Snow White trains alongside Shaolin monks.

Hilbon's name may not ring a bell for most moviegoers, but he was the man in charge of the animated "Deathly Hallows origin" sequence featured in Part 1 of the final Harry Potter movie. The visual design of that scene (which is reminiscent of David McKean's work) certainly bodes well for the potential look of Pan, with Hilbon at the helm.

Some moviegoers will be interested in seeing a more sinister take on Peter Pan, though we doubt Pan will be as adult in tone as Alan Moore's take on the story in his controversial graphic novel Lost Girls (sorry folks - not posting any pictures from that book here).

New Peter Pan movie Pan Deathly Hallows animated sequence director

There are so many "updated" or "inspired by" takes on literary classics in the works nowadays that it boggles the mind just thinking about it. Besdes Pan, there are upwards of half a dozen different Wizard of Oz pics, multiple Treasure Island films, and a couple of Three Musketeers movies being developed.

What do you think? Does Pan sound intriguing? Or should it be tossed onto the increasingly large pile of unnecessary Hollywood "re-imaginings?"

Source: Variety

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