Writing Begins On The Hobbit (And It's Very Good News)

Despite the fact that this belongs in the "Well, duh!" category, it's still news nonetheless.

Deals have now been finalized (with the ink barely dry) for the Lord of the Rings writing trio of Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens (who successfully adapted the Tolkien trilogy into a multi-billion dollar grossing franchise and a ton of Academy Awards) to perform scripting duties for its prequel The Hobbit and the currently untitled "bridge" film.

They'll be typing away alongside its director Guillermo del Toro - who's now free to fully concentrate on the matter with Hellboy II: The Golden Army in theaters.

Not to sound too much like a smart-ass (I know, too late!) But who honestly thought Jackson, Walsh and Boyens wouldn't come back? Not that I'm knocking them in any way, shape or form. Hell, they're probably getting paid a truckload or three worth of money. All power to them!

Now all we need is some casting news which last I remember was promised by Mr. del Toro by this Christmas, correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone care to speculate upon said casting?

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