Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines Adds Game of Thrones & Arrow Actors

Patrick Malahide in Game of Thrones

The big-screen adaptation of The Mortal Engines continues to move forward, with production already underway ahead of its December release date next year. The film is set to star Robert Sheehan as Tom Natsworthy, one of the key characters in this fantasy world of roaming cities in a struggle to survive, and the past few weeks have seen multiple big names join the Misfits actor in his upcoming adventure.

Following the casting of Sheehan and co-star Ronan Raferty, Hera Hilmar was cast as female lead Hester Shaw. In March, Steven Lang, Jihae, and Leila George joined the cast, followed by Hugo Weaving earlier this month. As the cast continues to fill out, three more stars have been added, and fans may already know them from previous big-name TV series.

According to a new report from THR, Patrick Malahide, Colin Salmon and Rege-Jean Page are the latest to join the Mortal Engines cast. There is no news yet as to who these actors may be playing. The film is based on the book series by Philip Reeve, with a script written by Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson, and Philippa Boyens, directed by Christian Rivers, with Jackson also producing.

Colin Salmon in Arrow

Fans may recognize Malahide from Game of Thrones, where he played the doomed Balon Greyjoy. Malahide left the series after being tossed from a bridge to his death last season. Salmon, meanwhile, is coming to the film after recent stints on both Arrow and Limitless. He appeared as Walter Steele in the first and second seasons of Arrow. In Limitless, Salmon was the ominous Mr. Sands. Finally, Rege-Jean Page is an up and coming actor, previously seen in Roots.

Again, the news does not come with any indication of who these actors may be playing in the series, but fans of the books may be able to make an educated guess. Like most of the other cast members, these are experienced TV stars, but not household names just yet, which seems to be the norm for this project. Malahide and Salmon are also experienced with genre acting, which will certainly come in handy for work on a concept as unusual as Mortal Engines.

As production continues, it is likely that more casting news will emerge, along with some idea of who these actors may be playing in the adventure epic, so stay tuned for more news as it comes from the set of The Mortal Engines.

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Source: THR

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