Peter Jackson Should Direct Green Lantern Corps

Peter Jackson may join the DC universe, and Green Lantern Corps is the perfect fit - and it's not just the power rings. Warner Bros. is looking to pull in big names to help take the DC universe to prominence. They previously gave Zack Snyder the keys to the kingdom, but they're moving past and away from his take. In doing so, they've been developing dozens of potential movies. One of those films is a Green Lantern Corps movie that has had several names rumored to potentially take the lead. But, if the most recent reports of Peter Jackson considering a move to DC are true, there's no better fit for him than DC's space cops.

One of the key ingredients to making Green Lantern Corps work working in the vast mythology. Not much is known about the Green Lanterns as it pertains to their history in the DCEU, but we do know thanks to Justice League that there's been protectors over Earth for thousands of years. One member was shown in the fight against Steppenwolf when he originally tried to conquer the planet. The solo movie for the Green Lanterns doesn't have to explore this time, but Jackson's shown the ability to work in established lore without a problem in Lord of the Rings. He can easily explain the history of the Green Lanterns to show why they're a big deal, but also lay the foundation for what else is coming.

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Jackson's not only great at exploring mythology, but also at world building. The cosmos have barely been touched by the DC movie universe to this point, leaving Jackson the freedom to grow this corner. The Green Lanterns may call Oa their home, but they travel all over to fulfill their heroic duties. They are also far from the only ones to wield the Power Rings, and in order for this franchise to reach its full potential, it will need a visionary to explore it all. The Sinestro Corps are the Green Lanterns' main foes, but such a film franchise would also need to explore the several other sects of Lanterns that harness different emotions.

Green Lantern Corps characters

Thanks to the different groups of Lanterns and the size of each, Green Lantern is also sure to be more of an ensemble franchise than one that tells stories focused on a singular character. The Green Lanterns alone have several characters worthy to explore. The reported take that WB has for the first movie is a team-up between Hal Jordan and John Stewart, where Hal is the vet and John is the younger member. But, the team also has the likes of Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, as well as a number of non-humans like Kilowag and Tomar-Re, The Guardians, and just about everyone else on Oa. Jackson once again proved his ability to handle a large cast of diverse characters and creatures with Lord of the Rings, which could give his take on this property a chance to really expand the cosmic side of DC.

The characters, world-building, and mythos are all major keys to getting Green Lantern Corps right, but its also worth pointing out Jackson's history with CGI. This franchise will undoubtedly feature a great deal of visual effects in creating the different worlds, bringing some of the various alien races to life, and even in demonstrating the power of the Lanterns. After a mostly-practical LotR trilogy, Jackson took a turn to a more VFX heavy approach with King Kong and The Hobbit trilogy featuring heavy CGI. Being prepared to tackle such a vast, fully visualized world is one of his specialties, and his Lord of the Rings experience more than prepared him for that.

Jackson could ultimately decide to not join the DC universe, but its clear that there's at least one great fit for him if he is interested. He'd probably do a good job with any property, such as Justice League Dark, but his body of work and what Green Lantern Corps needs could make this pairing a perfect match.

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