Peter Dinklage's Avengers: Infinity War Character Explained

Eitri in Avengers: Infinity War

Perhaps the biggest departure from the comic book version of Eitri in Avengers: Infinity War is his size. Dinklage's Eitri has dwarf proportions, but is actually a giant compared to Thor - standing at around twice his height. When Thor, Rocket and Groot arrive at Nidavellir, they find the star that powers the forge is cold and the rings that surround it are frozen. Even worse, all of the dwarfs have been killed except for Eitri, who himself is a bit of a wreck. He's wracked with grief, angry that Asgard didn't protect Nidavellir (until Thor explains that Asgard has been destroyed), and Thanos has cruelly turned his hands to metal, robbing him of his craftsmanship abilities. However, the mold for Stormbreaker (which has been forged before) is still in his workshop.

Thor and co. also find a mold for the Infinity Gauntlet, and Eitri explains that he agreed to make the artifact in the hope that Thanos would spare the lives of the dwarfs he hadn't already killed. Thanos isn't known for being a nice guy, however, so he spared only Eitri and left him alone with a cold forge and useless hands. Eitri agrees to forge Stormbreaker in the hope that Thor can kill Thanos before he manages to collect all the Infinity Stones.

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The iris mechanism that feeds the heat of the star into Eitri's forge is broken, so Thor has to open the iris manually - exposing himself to the lethal heat of the star. He very nearly dies in the effort to forge Stormbreaker; even when the hammer's head is forged, Eitri shouts that it needs a handle in order for Thor to actually wield it. Fortunately, Thor brought along sulky teenage Groot for the ride, and so Groot wraps his arm around the hammer head and then slices it off, creating a handle out of his severed arm. Thor is then able to call Stormbreaker to his hand and restore his strength.

Will Eitri Return in Avengers 4?

We don't see whether or not Eitri survives Thanos' devastating finger snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War (like everyone else, he has a fifty-fifty chance of vanishing into dust), but even if he is spared it's unlikely that we'll see him again in Avengers 4. The character had a very specific purpose in Infinity War: creating a weapon that could be used to kill Thanos before he completed the Infinity Gauntlet and carried out his plan. Since Thor's attempt to kill Thanos failed (he really should have aimed for the head), it will now take a lot more than a magic hammer to undo the damage that Thanos has done. While it would be cool to see Eitri again, the upcoming sequel will almost certainly focus on more abstract ways of defeating him, like time travel, rather than physical weapons.

With that said, Eitri could easily return in Phase 4 of the MCU - perhaps in the next Thor movie, or Guardians of the Galaxy 3, or another cosmic adventure. Now that the character is established, there are any number of ways that he could be brought back. After all, there will always be bad guys around, and weapons needed to fight them.

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