'1408' Writer Headed for the 'Pet Sematary'

Pet Sematary remake

You remember Pet Sematary, that Stephen King book-turned-movie about undead house pets and zombie toddlers, which was one of the originators of the 'Indian burial ground' plot device? Well Pet Sematary is headed for remake town along with a bunch of other movies and to get it there, Paramount is tapping writer Matthew Greenburg to script the film.

Greenburg comes with a horror movie background, having recently adapted another Stephen King story, 1408, for the big screen. Other screenwriting credits include Reign of Fire, Halloween H20 and The Prophecy II.

For those who don't remember, Pet Sematary is about a couple who move from the city to the country in order to raise their young son. They live by a busy highway and one afternoon the family cat ends up as roadkill. The father buries the cat in a small  pet cemetery in the woods and soon after the cat comes back, more feral and vicious than ever before. When the couple's son is killed in a fatal accident, they do the unthinkable: bury him in the damned plot of earth to bring him back. But what comes back isn't always the same as what left...

Here's the movie in a nutshell ;-) :

The Pet Sematary remake is being produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, G.I. Joe), who is working alongside Steven Schneider. Apparently, this Pet Sematary remake has been trying to get off the ground for a while now; THR reports that at one point it had a script written by Face/Off team Mike Werb and Michael Colleary, with George Clooney possibly going to star. But alas, that never came to pass...

Pet Sematary is one of those movies that's A-OK to remake, in my opinion. The original (starring Star Trek TNG's Denise Crosby) wasn't exactly a masterpiece. The demon toddler sequences and strange third act could especially use a makeover.

How do you feel about a Pet Sematary remake? Think the 1408 guy is good to write it?

We'll update you on the status of the project when we hear something.

Source: THR

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