Any Person, Living Or Dead Movie In the Works, Kumail Nanjiani To Star

An Any Person, Living Or Dead movie is in the works, with Kumail Nanjiani set to star. The upcoming film is based on a short story from author and comedic actor Simon Rich, who appeared on SNL for four seasons, from 2007-2011. The film will be one of three upcoming projects with screenplays by Rich.

In addition to his work as a writer and star of SNL, Rich’s career is a rapidly growing one. Aside from writing the book of short stories called Hits and Misses that Any Person, Living Or Dead has been taken from, the up and coming writer has written an episode of The Simpsons, as well as creating the successful Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi TBS series Miracle Workers. Rich has also been assigned the task of scripting the upcoming Willy Wonka prequel, and his as-of-this-writing untitled script about a Brooklyn man who's accidentally preserved in a mishap at a pickle factory, only to be revived 100 years later, will be released later this year, with Seth Rogen in the lead role. As for Any Person, Living Or Dead, there's currently no information regarding its production or release date.

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Though there is little to go on at present with regard to Any Person, Living Or Dead, things are gradually picking up. First and foremost, the film has secured its star, with Deadline reporting that Oscar-nominee Kumail Nanjiani has signed on as the film’s lead character. Jonathan Krisel, whose work writing and directing Portlandia has earned him a total of ten Emmy nominations over the years, will direct the film.

The plot of Any Person, Living Or Dead is an interesting one, as it focuses on the life of a brilliant, yet reclusive scientist (Nanjiani), who utilizes a time machine he created to bring the greatest thinkers in human history back to present day in order to help solve the problems of today’s world. But after scooping up the likes of Aristotle, Shakespeare and George Washington (to name a few), Nanjiani’s character realizes that a variety of issues including language barriers, ancient racism and the tendency of men from bygone eras to solve their problems with murder means that he must get rid of them. Nanjiani then sets out to do just that. This will be one of many projects that the popular Nanjiani has signed on for since The Big Sick’s 2017 best original screenplay nomination, including an episode of the CBS All Access, Jordan Peele-led, Twilight Zone reboot as well as his own upcoming Apple TV+ series, Little America.

As his name becomes increasingly familiar on TV and in film, Nanjiani appears to be choosing projects that highlight both his abilities as a creator of content and his own proven skills with dramatic and comedic material. It’s great to see him pair up with such an exciting and creative talent as Rich, and the comedic possibilities for Any Person, Living Or Dead sound limitless, making it a title worth keeping an eye on as it progresses toward production.

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Source: Deadline

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