New 'Percy Jackson' TV Trailer

Percy Jackson & the Sea of monsters

A new 60-second TV trailer has made its way online for the upcoming fantasy-action/adventure film, Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief. The film tells the tale of a teenage boy named Percy Jackson (being played by Logan Lerman) who one day finds out he's actually the son of the legendary god Poseidon. Percy then sets out to stop a war that will erupt if the god Zeus' stolen thunderbolt isn't found.

Among the vast and impressive cast are Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Sean Bean, Kevin McKidd and Rosario Dawson, playing famous Olympians ranging from Zeus to Medusa. The last international trailer for Percy Jackson made me look forward to it, simply because it showed us more of the cast and the special effects. The latest trailer is similar to what we've seen before, but if you look close there's some new footage in there.

Check out the new 60-second TV trailer below, thanks to Collider:

It still reminds me of Harry Potter, but looks like a fun film that will appeal to kids as well as those who just love a bit of special effects-laden magic action. I'm not marking my calendar in anticipation but I'll certainly see it, nonetheless.

Thoughts on the latest Percy Jackson trailer?

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief hits theaters on February 12th, 2010.

Source: Collider

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