Superman Killed By Doomsday in the Comic Book

The Death of Superman was a watershed moment in comics history. Sure, Marvel Comics' original Captain Marvel had been killed off by fairly natural means, having died of cancer in a hospital bed surrounded by his comrades in arms. That one might've stung, but Doomsday’s beatdown of Superman shocked the

DC world to its core. The Man of Steel had his share of setbacks over the years, having taken a few hits here and there, but he was the reigning champ of the superhero world. Superman losing a fight is one thing, but getting flat-out killed by Doomsday is another. Superman simply isn’t supposed to die. When Lois Lane cradled his broken body in the final pages of that fateful 1993 DC Comics issue, however, the impossible had finally become real.

This plot proved so devastating to readers that Zack Snyder adapted it for the big screen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The fight between Doomsday and Kal-El is so visceral on the page that it’s little wonder it was moved to the DCEU.

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