'People Like Us' Trailer: 'Star Trek' Writer Gets Dramatic

People Like Us Trailer Chris Pine Elizabeth Banks

People know Alex Kurtzman best as one of half of the go-to writing team responsible for big-budget sci-fi TV and movies, with a filmography that includes the Star Trek reboot, Fringe, Cowboys & Aliens and the first two installments of Michael Bay's Transformers.

However, Kurtzman is splitting off to write and direct his first feature film, People Like Us, and the film is a far cry from the sci-fi work that has become synonymous with his name. Today we have the first trailer for the film to share.

Star Trek's Chris Pine and The Hunger Games' Elizabeth Banks star in People Like Us as a long-lost brother and sister who are thrown into one another's lives when their father passes away. Daddy leaves behind $150,000 with instructions for his son Sam (Pine) to seek out Frankie (Banks), the sister he never knew he had, to be the recipient of the windfall. Sam meets Frankie and her troubled son and bonds with them, but his would-be charity is complicated by the fact that he himself is in debt, and could sorely use the money he's been tasked to give to a veritable stranger.

Check out the trailer for People Like Us, courtesy of Moviefone:

While it's admittedly odd to see such grounded dramatic fare from Kurtzman, the film does offer an interesting premise abound with deeper questions like what defines family, as well as the central moral quandary Sam faces regarding the money. The drama may seem overly familiar (guy pretends to be something he's not, eventually is caught, feelings are hurt and then healed); then again, both Pine and Banks are charismatic stars on the rise, and at the very least should provide some good (hopefully non-romantic) chemistry for the audience to attach to.

Kurtzman also seems to have called in a few favors - namely supporting players like Jon Favreau and Olivia Wilde, who both worked with the the writer/director on Cowboys & Aliens. The presence of Michelle Pfeiffer is just an added boon.

If all goes well enough, we may see Alex Kurtzman moving into a whole new lane of the business. Who knew?

People Like Us will be in theaters near you on June 29, 2012.

Source: Moviefone

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