Alfred Sleeps With The Queen In Pennyworth’s Finale (We’re Not Making That Up)

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for the Pennyworth season 1 finale.

The season 1 finale of Pennyworth goes in a surprising direction when Alfred (Jack Bannon) sleeps with the Queen of England herself, Elizabeth II (Jessica Ellerby). It was revealed in the episode that the Queen had a quite unorthodox way of showing her appreciation to Alfred for rescuing her from the Ravens Society.

The Batman prequel series, which airs on Epix, tells the story of Batman's butler in his younger days, and explores his relationships with Bruce Wayne's parents, Thomas (Ben Aldridge) and Martha (Emma Paetz). Set in 1960s London, the show follows former SAS soldier Alfred as he tries to start his own security film, all the while getting caught up in espionage, murder, revolutions, and even demonic cults. All season long, Alfred and his two friends, Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett) and Dave Boy (Ryan Fletcher) have been ensnared in a plot involving two revolutionary groups, the Ravens Society and the No Name League, as they fight to take control over the British government.

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The season 1 finale, titled "Marianne Faithful", sees Alfred go up against the Ravens Society, who takes the Queen prisoner in order to use her as leverage to force the prime minister into surrendering. After Alfred and his friends arrive, he succeeds in freeing the Queen from her captors, which allows the government to defeat the Ravens Society. After the Queen is safe, she personally thanks Alfred and whispers something in his ear, which seems to surprise him. In a later scene, Alfred is shown getting dressed after having slept with the Queen. She tells him to keep this between them.

Alfred responds by remarking that no one would believe him anyway. Of course, Alfred isn't wrong, considering how unbelievably crazy the situation seems. What's most surprising about it is that Pennyworth isn't just using a completely fictional version of the Queen. Jessica Ellerby is indeed playing a much younger version of the current Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II.

However, Pennyworth's portrayal of the Queen and her seductive attitude toward Alfred isn't without explanation. As Jessica Ellerby has pointed out, Pennyworth takes place in an alternate reality. This explains how Pennyworth has been able to make up its own history, as well as use a real person and mold her into a character that fits the tone of the show. This is the reason why Pennyworth's depiction of the Queen doesn't include the rest of the royal family, and why the Queen behaves much differently than her real-life counterpart.

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