Pennywise: The Story of IT Trailer Explores the 1990 Miniseries

Pennywise: The Story Of IT will take an in-depth look at the making of the classic 1990 adaptation. IT is based on the novel by Stephen King and tells the story of The Losers' Club, a gang of seven children who band together in their hometown to face a child eating entity that often takes the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The gang have to reunite 30 years later when Pennywise reappears to take it down once and for all.

IT was first adapted into a miniseries by director Tommy Lee Wallace, with Tim Curry playing Pennywise. Curry's chilling performance was nightmare fuel for those who watched the series at a young age, and the sewer grate scene with Georgie scene became iconic. The miniseries had to condense a lot of the book and the ending with the giant spider is considered a huge anticlimax, but the 1990 IT still holds a special place for horror fans.

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Now a new documentary dubbed Pennywise: The Story Of IT will take a look behind the scenes of the series. The doc will interview over 50 members of the cast and crew, including Tim Curry. Pennywise will also contain over 700 never before seen photos and video footage shot from the set. Finally, the documentary explore the impact of the Pennywise character and coulrophobia, the real-life fear of clowns.

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Pennywise: The Story Of IT is a crowd-funded documentary made by fans of the original miniseries, and it promises to shed new light on the production. The documentary also couldn't be better timed in terms of exposure, considering the huge success of the 2017's movie adaptation of IT. That version chose to split the book in two and focus on the childhood story first, and the movie went on to gross $700 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing horror film of all time.

New Pennywise star Bill Skarsgard had big (clown) shoes to fill, but his performance managed to terrify a new generation. Director Andy Muschietti is currently in pre-production on IT: Chapter Two, and recently hinted filming will begin soon. There's still no word on who will play the grown-up version of The Losers' Club, though Jessica Chastain seems to almost be a lock for adult Beverly Marsh.

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Pennywise: The Story Of IT will be released Summer 2018.

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Key Release Dates
  • IT Chapter Two (2019) release date: Sep 06, 2019
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