Pennywise Terrifies Real-Life People For IT Prank

A new IT prank video features Pennywise and Georgie terrifying unsuspecting real-life victims. Last year, the world was bombarded by creepy clown sightings. While most of these clowns were content to do no more than scare via their mere presence, others took things a little too far, going out of their way to terrorize people that were just standing around minding their own business.

With this weekend's release of IT, moviegoers say hi to arguably the creepiest clown of them all, Pennywise. Created by Stephen King in his gargantuan novel, Pennywise was first immortalized on TV in 1990 by Tim Curry, who gave a mesmerizing performance that both delights and scares millions to this day. Thankfully, new actor Bill Skarsgard appears up to the challenge of continuing Pennywise's legacy of fear and sleepless nights. Not that that will comfort all the real-life clowns who can't get work thanks to the character's reemergence.

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Thanks to a new prank video by a Portuguese-language hidden camera show, Pennywise is now getting his own chance to partake in the creepy clown epidemic, with help from his signature victim Georgie. Presented above, the video features an actor adorned in a commendably well-done reproduction of Skarsgard's Pennywise make-up and costume, scaring the hell out of unsuspecting passers by. The lesson there: no one is safe from Pennywise.

The most commonly used setup in the above video is a takeoff on arguably IT's most iconic scene - and certainly the most heavily marketed from the new film - in which Pennywise lures in poor innocent Georgie with promises of returning his paper boat after it went sailing down into the sewer drain. As everyone reading this no doubt knows, it's the last mistake Georgie ever makes. In the prank scenario, Georgie asks each victim to go retrieve his boat from the nearby drain, only to have Pennywise jump out and start chasing them down the street. In an absurd, yet fun touch, Pennywise even high-fives Georgie at one point for a job well done, then does a cartwheel.

Of course, this weekend, all the fun and games is over, as Pennywise looks to make a meal out of the Losers' Club, while they look to end IT's reign of terror forever. Meanwhile, Stephen King fans look to see the faithful adaptation they've always wanted.

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