'Penny Dreadful' Season 2 Teaser Trailer: Eva Green's Curse is a Blessing

Penny Dreadful season 2 trailer with Eva Green

[This article contains SPOILERS for Penny Dreadful season one.]


Showtime's Penny Dreadful's debut season concluded with several developments that had been foreshadowed throughout its first eight episodes. That includes, some firm confirmation at last that Ethan (Josh Hartnett) is a werewolf, as well as Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) making the choice to sacrifice his daughter Mina - who had been vampire-ized - in order to save Vanessa (Eva Green); thus, complicating his and the latter's already complicated relationship all the more.

And, as many predicted, the deathly-ill Brona's (Billie Piper) body ended up being used by Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) to create a mate for his creation/"first son", Caliban (Rory Kinnear). Meanwhile, Dorian Gray's (Reeve Carney) purpose in the over-arching narrative of Penny Dreadful still remains somewhat unclear, when it doesn't involve him making life more difficult for (and/or occasionally sleeping with) the series' central ensemble.

What next? Well, as the first teaser for Penny Dreadful's second season indicated, the main characters' pasts will continue to haunt them in the future, even as they continue to battle evil supernatural forces in Victorian London. The new teaser for the episodes ahead (watch it above) doesn't offer much more insight beyond that, though Vanessa referring to her dark powers as "something of a blessing" signals that she is now more accepting of her destiny as a dark superhero of sorts.

Returning supporting cast members for Penny Dreadful season two include Helen McCrory as Madame Kali, who (according to the official synopsis) "will pose a unique threat" to the series' protagonists in the episodes ahead. Simon Russell Beale is also back as Egyptologist Ferdinand Lyle, while the list of guest stars includes Patti LuPone (American Horror Story: Coven) as someone of "great importance" to Vanessa's past, whose resurfacing probably won't be happy news for Miss Ives, given her luck.

Penny Dreadful season 2 trailer with Eva Green

Penny Dreadful creator/series writer John Logan arguably ended season one of the show on something of a ho-hum note, with its finale's twists and turns having been perhaps too well telegraphed. However, on the whole, season one was an entertaining and high-minded piece of horror genre fare, which cleverly blended pulpiness with a literary storytelling approach in a way that allowed the show to very much embody the spirit of what a modern penny dreadful should be.

Fingers crossed, season two of Penny Dreadful (which is, once again, written in full by Logan) will regain the momentum of the first three-quarters of season one. Feel free and let us know if you have any predictions for what lies ahead for Miss Ives (and her fellow Extraordinary comrades), in the season ahead.

Penny Dreadful season two airs on Showtime in 2015.

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