What To Expect From Pearson Season 2

Will Pearson season 2 happen, and if so, what will it be about? Here's everything we expect for the second installment of the Suits spinoff series.

Gina Torres in Pearson

Will Pearson season 2 happen and, if so, what will it be about? Created by Aaron Korsh and Daniel Arkin, the USA series is a spinoff of the popular show Suits. Pearson season 1 aired from July to September 2019.

Pearson stars Gina Torres as the title character Jessica Pearson - the former managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt and a main character from Suits’ original nine-season run. In the spinoff, Pearson gets mixed up in corrupt Chicago politics while working for Mayor Bobby Novak (Morgan Spector). One subplot involves a housing conflict, which is seemingly resolved when 200 residents are relocated, rent-free, for three months in a new city development - but therein lies even more drama that’s connected to Pearson’s inner circle of friends and possible enemies. Because of all the chaos, Jessica's boyfriend Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside) decides to move on.

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The Pearson season 1 finale, “The Fixer,” connects Mayor Novak to the 2003 murder of a union boss. As Pearson works under the radar to address immediate issues, her peers similarly struggle with personal and professional conflict. This all builds to a climactic meeting between Pearson and Novak. Here's what to expect from Pearson season 2.

Pearson Season 2 Renewal

Gina Torres in Pearson USA

USA hasn’t yet ordered Pearson season 2. Given the different modes of operation for traditional networks and new school streaming services, a show like Pearson may not be renewed (or cancelled) for several months after a season finale. For context, The Sinner season 1 concluded in September 2017 and was renewed the following March. The Sinner season 2 finished in September 2018 and was once again re-upped six months later. Expect an official decision from USA by the end of winter 2019/2020.

Pearson Season 2 Release Date Info

Suits Jessica Pearson

It’s possible that USA fully plans to move ahead with Pearson season 2, even if a decision isn’t announced for several months. Given the positive reaction to Pearson season 1, it’s likely that a second season will be ordered. If that happens, then Pearson season 2 will probably premiere in July 2020.

Pearson Season 2 Story Details

Gina Torres in Pearson Season 1 USA

Pearson season 1 ends with Jessica’s world crumbling around her, as Jeff realizes their home is bugged and Keri Allen (Bethany Joy Lenz) receives a visit from the FBI. But rather than cowering and orchestrating a political takedown, Jessica makes her case to Mayor Novak and declaratively states that “I’m done being your errand girl.”

For Pearson season 2, Jessica will surely immerse herself even more into Chicago politics, hoping to make a change, and to further reinforce her power. She’ll certainly have more free time given the romantic situation, which could lead to some extra drama, of course. In Pearson season 2, expect cousin Angela (Chantel Riley) to provide some gentle life advice to Jessica, at least given her new gig at the Mayor's Office.

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