'The Peanuts Movie' Trailer #2: Snoopy Takes Flight Again

New year, new The Peanuts Movie preview; two months after 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios released a full trailer for their 3D animated vision of Charles Schulz's beloved comic strip (a full release year ahead of the film's November 2015 premiere), they're back with a follow-up piece that's more of the same than less (see above).

But the "less" is, all told, a pretty endearing showcase for the excellent work that Blue Sky's animators have done bringing these characters to life anew for the big screen. The "same" is the body of the trailer - Snoopy flying high above Paris, soaring by the Eiffel Tower - but fresh material bookends this sequence.

It's a quintessential Peanuts bit, with Woodstock affecting repairs on Snoopy's doghouse before the pooch takes off on one of his flights of fancy. The aftermath is a bit of a footnote, but even the smaller moments here really highlight the film's wonderfully textured and crisp animation style. At a glance, it looks like Blue Sky has successfully merged 3D techniques with cell-shading aesthetics.

What the trailer doesn't do is give a proper introduction to the animated film's recently announced voice cast, even as it reinforces half of The Peanuts Movie's synopsis. We'll get to know the young actors providing the picture's aural component eventually; right now Blue Sky's goal appears to be appealing to audience nostalgia for Schulz's original creation, and Snoopy's pursuit of the Red Baron  (which plays a significant part of the larger story).

So in all, this is a charming, adorable reminder that The Peanuts Movie - from screenwriters Bryan and Craig Schulz and director Steven Martino (Horton Hears a Who!, Ice Age: Continental Drift) - is on its way toward theaters. Hopefully, it's also a sign that Fox and Blue Sky will have more material to show off sooner than later.

The Peanuts Movie opens in U.S. theaters on November 6th, 2015.

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