15Simon Was Almost Accused Of Murder

Believe it or not, but this is actually a really cute story. Simon "Ebenezer" Penworth first became a staple of Regal Pawn by buying up all of their bayonets... and then the crew accused them of murdering their secretary-- no, really.

Before he worked in the pawnshop, Penworth was a gravedigger,

spending all of his time in local cemeteries. Naturally, the trunk of his car would often contain shovels, digging tools, and traces of dirt.

So, when the Regal Pawn's secretary didn't show up for work for about three weeks, the crew became super suspicious of the customer with the dirty trunk and a penchant for sharp weapons.

Penworth marveled at how close he came to being accused of murder, but Mark Manning assured him they really did accuse him privately. The secretary was just fine, of course.

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