Pawn Stars Showcases Original Christopher Reeve Superman Costume

History Channel's reality series, Pawn Stars, spotlights Christopher Reeve's original suit from Richard Donner's 1978 film, Superman.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Christopher Reeve's original Superman: The Movie costume has been recently featured in reality series, Pawn Stars. The History Channel show follows the business operations of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada - a 24-hour pawn shop managed by Richard, Rick, and Corey Harrison as well as their family friend Austin Russel. Over the course of its 14-season run, the production has seen some of the rarest pieces of artifacts, and the latest one from the bunch is the iconic Man of Steel fight suit worn by Reeve in Richard Donner's famous Superman live-action film.

The 1978 film is regarded as a classic of the comic book movie genre and a landmark in wider cinema. While there have been other earlier iterations of Superman on the big screen - both live-action and animated, Richard Donner's film is the one that catapulted the character to truly great heights, with Reeve's name still synonymous with the character even after other actors have also inhabited the role.


During a segment in a recent episode of Pawn Stars (above) posted on History, Richard and Corey were greeted by a mannequin wearing the aforementioned costume. The seller explained that he initially got it from an auction more than four years ago and is ready to resell it to fund new investment pieces. While the older Harrison was a little bit less impressed, his son was obviously thrilled with what they got. Unfortunately, Richard still had the last say when it comes to purchases, he and the seller could not agree on the price of the suit, so the transaction did not push through.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

It's not unusual for Pawn Stars to feature comic book and comic book-related items; at one point, the show even had the brain behind many of Marvel's most iconic characters, Stan Lee, to value a rare Spider-Man comic strip that he allegedly signed. Of course, even though he didn't get a sale, bringing Reeve's Superman costume to the series good for the merchant, essentially advertising it's looking for a buyer and helping him easily reach those who seriously want to add it to their collection.

As Reeve's original Superman suit continues to find a new home, the current iteration of the superhero played by Henry Cavill is expected to join Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg in their first ever team-up movie, Justice League, slated for release next month.


Source: History

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