30Original "The Godfather" Script w/ Autograph ($12,000)

John Reznikoff was brought into the shop for an episode of Pawn Stars, to authenticate an autographed copy of the original The Godfather script. He was considered to be an expert authenticator of autographs and certainly looked like someone you would assume was an expert in something that does not

require you to be seen in public.

Reznikoff took a magnifying glass and analyzed the autograph before finally coming up with the determination that it was, in fact, Al Pacino's autograph and the script was worth $2,000. However, as it would later turn out, the signature was actually from producer Al Ruddy.

But when they were filming the show, they went with Reznikoff's information and offered just $500. The owner turned them down and later sold it at an auction for $12,000.

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