SDCC '09: More Details on the 'Castlevania' Movie

I was doing interviews with the cast and crew of the upcoming sci-fi/horror/thriller Pandorum yesterday and got a chance to speak with one of the film's producers, Paul W.S. Anderson, who you may know as the director of Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Death Race, AVP, and a little film that scared the hell out of me more than a decade ago, Event Horizon.

Aside from all the discussion of Pandorum and Anderson's career, I managed to pry a few more details out of him about the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Konami's Castlevania video game series, which Bloody-Disgusting announced on Wednesday. Check it out:

Castlevania is going to be helmed by James Wan, one of the writers of the original Saw film. Wan also directed Saw, Dead Silence, and more recently the Kevin Bacon revenge flick, Death Sentence. Originally Anderson himself was supposed to helm the film, but ultimately opted to serve as producer.

In Anderson's opinion, Wan's experience creating the world of Saw makes him the perfect choice for the Castlevania film they have in mind:

"James Wan is like, the perfect director for this's a very claustrophobic film...Most of it is set in the castle - there are a lot of tricks and traps and all that...tricks and traps are very much a 'Castlevania' thing."

It's interesting to hear that particular interpretation of Castlevania. As a longtime fan of the games myself, I totally hear what Anderson is saying: tricks and traps and treks through a huge gothic castle are DEFINITELY 'Castlevania things.' However, considering the whole vampire vs. vampire hunter storyline of the games, they could have taken this film in MANY different directions. By keeping it in the castle, it makes me feel somewhat confident that they'll stay true to the video game experience.

Either that, or we're about to get a Saw-meets-Dracula flick. Never can tell with these video game movies.

For more on Pandorum or Paul W.S. Anderson's next project (Resident Evil in 3D anyone?), click the links.

Pandorum hits theaters on September 18, 2009.

Castlevania is aiming for a 2011 release.

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