Paul W.S. Anderson Eyes Castlevania (Again)

Castlevania is a movie I do not hold high expectations for. Besides the fact that it is a video game adaptation, it seems to be going through development issues with a continuous set of director changes.

In January, Screen Rant reported that James Wan (Saw franchise) would be co-writing and directing and adaptation of the popular video game franchise, taking over from Paul W.S. Anderson (Death Race) as the writer/director and then Sylvain White (The Losers) who took the helm after Anderson.

After the studio decision to go with Wan, we've now come full circle and Paul W.S. Anderson is again set to direct. We don't know yet how long this may last as in the summer, they were still promoting Wan and the plans for the film at San Diego Comic-Con.

To find out more about the Castlevania game, its story and our thoughts on the film - Head over to Game Rant.

What do you think about Paul W.S. Anderson taking the reins from the almost-dead project again?

Source: Game Rant, Bloody-Disgusting

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