Though Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film The Master wasn’t as commercially successful as the Weinstein Company would have hoped (in fact, it may actually lose money), it measured up to his previous works artistically, at least according to most critics (read our review). And if you’re the Weinsteins, you really can’t be too disappointed with a film that scored three Academy Award nominations and will likely find an cult audience down the line.

As much as Anderson is known as one of today’s finest film auteurs, he’s also known for taking his time with each project, as he’s made just three features in the last ten years (Punch Drunk Love in 2002, There Will Be Blood in 2007 and The Master in 2012). However, that’s a trend that is changing with his next film, Inherent Vice, which is already slated to start shooting in a few short months.

While chatting with Cigarettes & Red Vines recently, Anderson’s longtime producer JoAnne Sellar revealed that Inherent Vice is moving along swiftly and that PTA plans to start shooting this spring.

“We’re just putting the financing together and the plan is to start shooting in late April.”

As quickly as things seem to be moving, the announcement is not all that surprising considering Anderson has wanted to adapt Thomas Pynchon’s novel of the same name since it was published in 2009. He actually was working on acquiring funding for the project while he was putting together a budget for The Master.

paul thomas anderson and jo Paul Thomas Anderson Will Start Shooting Inherent Vice in April

Anderson and Phoenix will reunite for ‘Inherent Vice’

Obviously, this announcement raises plenty of other questions – mostly about casting choices – which will have to be answered before the film actually starts shooting. At the moment, we only know that Joaquin Phoenix is set to re-team with Anderson after Robert Downey Jr. passed on the project (presumably because he will be heavily involved in promoting Iron Man 3, which hits theatres in May). Recently, Charlize Theron was also reported to be in talks to join the cast, but nothing has been confirmed on that front. However, with the start date rapidly approaching, we should know more very soon.

Keep your eye on the main page for more Inherent Vice news as it develops.

Source: Cigarettes & Red Vines

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