Paul Rudd Gatecrashes Chris Evans’ Billy On The Street Episode

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Paul Rudd gatecrashed Chris Evans’ Billy on the Street episode, giving host Billy Eichner the chance to play an MCU edition of "Who would you do?". Eichner has now been doing his Funny or Die show for eight years, and his star has risen considerably since its debut as a little-known web series.

The series, which officially began back in 2011, involves Eichner moving at a frantic pace through the streets of New York, typically with a celebrity guest in tow, while asking rapid-fire questions of random passerby. The host is known for abruptly storming off when the answers don’t suit his tastes. It’s loud, brash, and definitely can be described as in-your-face comedy. Though the series isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it has garnered significant critical acclaim over the years, receiving three Emmy nominations and kick-starting Eichner’s career as an actor and voice-over artist. Since its early beginnings at Fuse, Billy on the Street has moved to a couple of different networks, ultimately landing at Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Funny or Die production company in 2018. Off the street, Eichner recently voiced meerkat Timon in Disney’s live-action blockbuster production of The Lion King. Netflix is now streaming the series.

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To celebrate the move to Netflix and what Eichner is calling the show’s fifteenth anniversary, Billy on the Street invited Captain America himself, Chris Evans, to join Eichner on his New York City adventures. As the pair hurriedly shuffle through the busy city streets in the way that only Eichner can, Ant-Man star Paul Rudd suddenly arrives, creating a mini Avengers reunion in the process and amplifying what is already a hilarious segment. Eichner posted a clip of the action to his Twitter account, and you can see the encounters below. U.S. Netflix subscribers can also stream the first four seasons of the series.

As is the case with most guests on the show, Evans seems rather bemused by the energy and spontaneity of Eichner. The Avengers Endgame star doesn’t miss the opportunity to plug his upcoming Rian Johnson film, however, telling star-struck fans that Knives Out will hit theatres on November 27. But everything changes when Rudd arrives, as he hilariously steals Evans’ thunder with one particular female fan who is far more interested in the “never-aging” sex appeal of the one-time Clueless star. The entire clip ends on an even higher note of adrenaline than it began on, and Eichner fans are sure to be happy with the series’ latest season if this is the sort of comedy (and energy) that can be expected from it.

It is unfortunate that Netflix hasn’t yet secured the sole rights to the fifth season of Billy on the Street, but it will surely only be a matter of time before that is rectified. The real issue here is that Eichner fans who don’t live in America still don’t have access to the show’s back catalogue of seasons via Netflix. Hopefully, that will change in time, but for now, fans of Eichner and Billy on the Street who can’t access the show on Netflix can still check out loads of content on his YouTube channel.

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