Paul Reiser Finally Gets an Aliens Action Figure

Paul Reiser says he's proud that his character from the sci-fi classic Aliens is finally getting an action figure. Reiser, of course, rose to prominence in 1990s, when his smash sitcom Mad About You was one of the hottest shows on television. Running from 1992 to 1999, the show starred Reiser and Helen Hunt as a newly-wedded couple and their everyday struggles in New York City; and earned several industry accolades, including five Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy Series nominations for Reiser.

Long before Reiser became a household name, though, he made his film debut in director Barry Levinson's 1982 fan favorite Diner, and later, in a small but memorable role as the sycophant Detroit Police Department officer, Jeffrey, opposite Eddie Murphy in the 1984 smash Beverly Hills Cop. But sci-fi fans know Reiser best from his pivotal supporting role in Aliens as Burke – the shifty Weyland-Yutani executive who coaxes Lt. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) into returning to space with a band of Colonial Marines to investigate a disturbance in the terraforming colony Hadley's Hope.

Burke, of course, promises Ripley that the purpose of the mission is to exterminate any Xenomorphs that the team encounters; but he has different orders from the top, and eventually he reveals himself to be one of the biggest weasels in the entire Alien franchise.

Officially an action figure. Never been prouder.#aliens #blessthevest

— Paul Reiser (@PaulReiser) June 29, 2017

Well, apparently there's room for weasels in the action figure world, too, as collectibles company NECA just announced that Burke was getting a 7-inch figure in the company's expanding Alien movie line. Reiser was elated with the news of his upcoming action figure release, and sent out a tweet with a picture of the figure (appropriately, the spineless Burke has a frightened look on his face) to express his excitement.

Resier should be excited. After all, how often does an actor outside of a superhero movie get an action figure at all, much less one from a film released more than 30 years ago? Of course, the comedic actor is willing to poke fun at himself, too, which he did in a follow-up tweet, saying, “I’m told my Burke action figure has 118 ‘points of articulation. Which is great because in real life, I myself have 9.”

Thankfully for Reiser, NECA has been committed to the line for years, producing figures from the entire film series including Ripley from the first three Alien films, as well as Bishop (Lance Henriksen) in regular and a torn apart version, stemming from the aftermath of encountering the Alien Queen at the conclusion of Aliens. The company has also produced figures of several Xenomorphs, as well as Dallas (Tom Skeritt) Hicks (Michael Biehn) and Hudson (Bill Paxton). There is also a toy of the iconic Power Loader vehicle, so Ripley can face off against the Alien Queen figure.

On top of that, NECA has produced figures for Prometheus (including a new "lost wave" of figures) and on the way are plenty of alien figures based on the new creatures featured in Alien: Covenant. When Reiser's figure is released in October, the actor will no doubt have plenty of other Alien saga characters to set up his own battle scenarios with.

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